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  1. H2H 14-man weekly points league. TRADE: I trade: Thor Hosmer Winkler I receive: K. Bryant Ender CC sab. Roark My team: c: gattis 1b: smoak 2b: hernandez 3b: shaw ss: crawford of:descalso of: cruz of: dickerson dh: hosmer sp: kluber sp: thor sp: mengden sp: heaney sp: leake rp: kela rp: rodney rp: yates BENCH: betts, suzuki, peraza, odor, tropeno, winkler, DL: miller (rp), descalafini, frazier, lucchessi
  2. I picked him up. I'm going to hold off this week; terrible match ups and I'm afraid of pitch-count. Was trying to trade him for someone in desperation mode (in a weekly H2H points league) who needs the win and would give me keeper-potential.
  3. Keep Rod doing what he's doing well. There will be more situations that fit his need in his current role than closing situations. I believe it will be Santana and unfortunately I have feliz.
  4. Anyone confident Kingham will stay in rotation with a good outting today?
  5. If the Giants get someone like Barkley and fix their o-line, they have a shot. I'm not saying it's a definite. But we will see how the Giants feel based on who they draft with #2. If they take Barkley they clearly think they have a shot at doing something with Eli within the last few years of his career. If they draft a QB then you know they are thinking of being in rebuild mode. It will be interesting for sure.
  6. Not a Giants fan, but how is there not a chance in the world for them to win their division this year? Yes they have to beat the Eagles, and it will be hard- but not impossible. The Cowboys and Redskins are going to be in complete atrophy this year. Eli hasn't missed a game in his entire career. Take the star RB, build on DE & OL/OT in the later rounds.
  7. Any chance Giants can go Chubb/Guice? Would they have to trade up to secure Guice?
  8. Yeah I'm just thinking for vulture saves. I'm in a daily league.
  9. I picked up Lucchesi. Looks pretty solid and I'm going to try and ride him out this season because I think he could be a future stud. He just needs to be able to get through more innings for QS's.
  10. What are the chances that Ottavino gets some save chances for COL? Solid ratios, has 2 W's already. I'm about to sit Parker and start Ottavino in a 3 RP league.
  11. I think Cooper will be picked in drafts at least a round before Jordy; dynasty even more. I think Cooper is definitely a zero RB play for redraft, which like I mentioned before, could be a contrarian draft strategy this year which can benefit you in the end since RBS have good draft depth this year. If Cooper is your WR3/FLEX and gets you high WR2 to low WR1 upside, and you draft two WR'S that do well within their expected ADP range, that could be the difference maker in your season (assuming you draft correctly/standard in every other position). I also like drafting players that have high trade potential with lower cost as well.
  12. He can drop balls every year if he sucks that bad. I don't care about that. I care about increased volume, which means more receptions and if he becomes a RZ threat, that increases his value as well. His ADP might put him in the 40-45th range. You're crazy not to take a chance on him there. And like I said, I would never roster him without at least having a minimum of 2 WRS before drafting him. He's a very high flier, but I would never give him a permanent slot as of the beginning of the season.
  13. Raiders offensive identity was completely out of wack last year. I'm not completely forgetting about last season, but a-lot has changed. I think Cooper will get tons of more targets this year and I think Gruden is a better coach. I also think since they are in a tough division they will be down a lot this season, hence throwing the ball more. I can't see them throwing the ball to Marshawn that much on dump-offs. Crabtree is gone. Cook is mediocre. Volume alone I see his numbers rise.
  14. Go WR heavy and try to get him as your 3rd option then. Most people will be drafting RB/RB or even RB/QB this year because the two podcasts they put on tell them to. If Cooper becomes the center of their offense and the raiders resemble 2016 without Michael Crabtree he could be a huge breakout. If he progresses even a little and you draft WR heavy, he's a good FLEX for you or replacement week WR2. I can't see a losing situation with drafting Amari unless you draft him as a WR1 and he flat out disappoints; but no one is saying he should be a WR1 at all.
  15. raiders will be throwing a-lot due to game script. Amari will finally be used enough. I think this will be his best year.
  16. AB Nuk OBJ Allen Julio Adams Thomas AJG Baldwin Evans T.Y. Cooper D. Thomas Diggs Thielen A Rob Fitz Alshon Cooks M. Jones Garcon Gordon Tate Fuller Woods Watkins JuJu Landry Crabtree Sanders
  17. I think Giants mgmt really crapped the bed on this one. I think they tried playing a game of chicken by saying they would want something "outrageous" for OBJ for 1.) to put the pressure on OBJ and 2.) ensure that no team makes an adequate offer. Well now they got offers, and OBJ is not afraid to leave NYG, sit out a season, etc. They lost their leverage fully.
  18. Drafted dejong in a deep league as my starting SS and I'm not worried about it at all. I think he's one of the best values in accordance to ADP at the position and being eligible at 2B as well helps.
  19. OBJ probably wants to win a superbowl in his prime. I say that alone makes him want to leave.
  20. It's either the 49ers or the Rams. Both fit the criterion: Teams that want/will pay to win now and can afford losing their future 1st picks for the next couple of years cause they got everyone they need. I think OBJ is traded by end of week for sure.
  21. Mid april and forward he should be as solid as ever. Slotting him in DH
  22. Anyone holding onto Lyons for possible closing duties?