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  1. I wouldn't draft him any earlier than the 4th round probably. Would anyone draft him as a WR1?
  2. I see his ADP now landing him in the 4th round. What do ya'll think?
  3. To my point. I really believe that the Redskins simply did not have any clue how to identify their offense and build around it this past year.
  4. It's a shame because if you looked at his metrics, he should be in the ELITE tier. I have no idea what happened. I'm willing to give him one more year and draft him at his ADP as long as my WR depth is already stacked well, because it could had been as simple as lack of good call-making that made him slack.
  5. I don't think any of us can decide where we would draft Pryor until we see which team he lands on. If he's on a team with absolutely no competition for targets (Baltimore, Bears) I think his stock goes up to WR4 with W2 upside. If he ends up on a team for depth purposes, then he's a 11-12th flier rounder for sure.
  6. If anything, Ware would be the "change of pace" back.
  7. I called it too ironically. I don't think I said #1 but I said top 3. Hence why I drafted Bell and Gurley rounds 1 and 2 hahah
  8. So what you're saying is DJ could be the Todd Gurley of 2018? I'm in.
  9. Drop Nelson & Cobb. Try to get Robinson. Plan B put it towards the defense and use who you got in WR depth. Rodgers can make anyone good. But Robinson with Rodgers would be unstoppable. Defense can improve yes, but that might be a long-term solution. Rodgers wants an SB NOW. It's surprising he hasn't tried going to another team (most teams would gladly take him, look at the money cousins is about to get). GB can still win by being an offensive team. Their defense is lacking but is not Indy bad.
  10. With them raising the salary cap, I would be very surprised if PIT offers Bell less than $16/yr. 4 years.
  11. Would love Robinson to go to the Ravens. They want to clean house at WR and Robinson would have no competition for targets.
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if Jaguars signed someone like Watkins. They use Watkins as the deep threat, Westbrook as WR2 and Cole as mainly a slot receiver / crowder type of player. This worked for the Rams this past season with Watkins, Woods, and Kupp. I don't think the talent level of the Jags squad is that much behind the Rams. Bortles is just such a wild card sometimes.
  13. touche. qb depth is horrible as well. pretty much the whole team- minus vinateri.
  14. There's absolutely no way someone gives that up for Foles. MAYBE Wentz and I would bet that would not happen. 1st pick ALONE is fair (still a lot with all the qbs coming out this year, and someone like mccarron available).
  15. They now want "more than a first pick" for Foles LOL. Sad thing is the Browns are probably contemplating this.
  16. A defense. An o-line. WR depth is pitiful. Marlon Mack starting is the least of their worries with a decent ypc and can catch the ball.
  17. Agree but your o-line needs to be fixed or it won't matter how many talents you put on your team. That being said Barkley is a huge upgrade from the disaster RB situation you have right now.
  18. I'm gonna give Cooper one more year if he's available in early 4th. Only way I draft him in 3rd is if I go WR/WR/WR.
  19. Cooper is a 4th round with a very high ceiling. His team WILL be better in 2018. Would love to draft as late 3rd or (preferred) early 4th
  20. I agree with all of this except from a dynasty perspective. I would trade Dez/ASG for TYH in a dynasty league as a 2 for 2 type deal. Not all WR1's are guaranteed gold, but Hilton goes OFF with Luck, and there's no way Luck is done for good... even if this season he's a bust again.
  21. Keep Foles. Try to trade Wentz for a backup like Bridgewater, Bradford, MCCarron and a 2nd/3rd round pick.
  22. The only thing that doesn't make sense to me here with this theory is that McDaniels isn't special. This has been proven by his previous stints as a HC. I think it was a mixture of both the stability of staying in NE and something being fishy with Luck... Colts without Luck are worse than the browns. McDaniels knows that his rep. as a HC is already tainted and he as seen as BB's bitch-boy and he wants to wait for a better opportunity to change that motif. JMO.