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  1. This entire team was a humongous disappointment. Glad I traded evans and martin away a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Leaning towards Brissett right now because I think he has a higher ceiling, but i NEED this win this week. Do I play it safe with Dalton or stick with my guns?
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if Seattle picked him off of waivers.
  4. .5 PPR, redraft no keeper. team right now: WR: Brown, Allen, Cooper, Lee RB: Montgomery, Powell, Morris, Collins TE: Doyle, Kroft I have Kroft as my TE for this week if the trade goes through, and then I would pick up Cook (3rd waiver) for the rest of the season.
  5. You guys should all talk to the kareem hunt owners in my league and convince them to "sell high" to me. I'll gladly take him.
  6. I just don't see the value with Smith in dynasty. It's clear Dallas is keeping Elliott as their feature back for a long time. He's serving a 6-game suspension. So in such a small time frame, I cannot see Smith getting passed 2 backs for the feature back position and producing enough points that I wouldn't just rather get from someone else more reliable and less risky. This is a compeltey different situation than Carson and SEA because SEA didn't have a running back like Elliott.
  7. I'll go into more detail: My QB depth: Rodgers, Cousins, Bortles, Tannehill, Garroppolo WR depth: Evans, Crabtree, Ginn, M. Bryant, JJ Nelson, Humphries, B, Coleman, Hollins, D. Robinson RB Depth: Gurley, Martin, Crowell, Drake, McGuire 1 QB, 1, RB, 2 WR, 3 FLEX, 2 IDP starting lineup. Do I really need Brees and lose Evans for M. Thomas? Or should I try to trade Evans for Thomas with another WR just for depth purposes?
  8. Spent the rest of my $100 FAAB budget on him ($10). Someone else in my league spent $28 on D. Williams. I'm pretty happy.
  9. .5 PPR. 25 person lineups with 3 IR spots. I'm stacked at QB currently: Rodgers, Cousins, Bortles, Tannehill, Garroppolo. My initial reaction is to not take this trade. Am I wrong? I was going to counter offer at: I trade: Evans, Crowell I receive: Thomas, Miller
  10. I can see Landry as a 49er with Garcon as a WR2 and a brand new franchise-aspiring QB.
  11. For fantasy purposes, I hope I'm wrong and that he gets traded to be a WR1/WR2 somewhere else
  12. I think that's a little bit of an overreaction. They clearly need more than two weapons to throw to. Bryant is a great asset. If Ben was throwing the way he used to, Bryant would have 3 TDS minimum already (if anyone has been watching all of their games besides this week, he has gotten the same type of long go route target, and ben keeps throwing it too long every time). Juju is definitely the future WR1 and will be WR2 for right now, but Bryant will still be a great red zone target for his height, and a great go route play still cause of his adjusted speed. He'll be a Ted Ginn of the Steelers more than likely, but way better. I still have faith.
  13. Bryant would had caught the TD that Rogers missed. He's not going anywhere.
  14. Biggest busts to me in accordance to their ADP: J Jones (until last week, but we'll see) Cooper (until last week, but we'll see) OBJ (before he got injured) Brandon Marshall (before he got injured) T. Pryor D. Murray Ajayi
  15. Dolphins have a tendency to tell the press/media during the preseason that everyone on their team is doing GREAT and are going to be POWERHOUSES
  16. yeah I stashed robinson and actually dropped roger lewis instead. RB depth: gurley, martin, crowell, mcguire, conner. we start 1 RB with two of 3 flexes able to be a RB (.5PPR) Would you stash Hood and drop kerley/humphries? my wr depth: evans, crabtree, ginn, m. bryant, jj nelson, coleman, humphries, kerley, d. robinson
  17. I know this isn't too deep, I just picked up Brandon Coleman and dropped Ricardo Louis. I think I'm going to pick up Robinson and drop Humphries or Kerley since I'm not really using them right now. Mack Hollins you think is worth a stash over someone like Humphries or Kerley?
  18. I wanted to start this thread to discuss pick-ups for both current and future potential. A-lot of us on here definitely do dynasty leagues and I always have trouble deciding on the FA who to pick up, esp. when I can get them for $0 FAAB after waivers. This week I was analyzing Chris Moore & Tanner Gentry.
  19. I had him as my FLEX 3, he went from 6 points to 18 points to now 12 points. He only got one TD right that was a fumble TD?
  20. Since this thread was created to talk about Chris Moore, Moore has a 16 YPC currently. So even if you are against PPR giving fake numbers in realistic life, he is actually of the contrary. Flacco throws the ball more than any other QB almost still, and he has no definite target. Meanwhile, Miami isn't a good pass defense this year. I think he can win DFS lineups this week.
  21. Is anyone picking this guy up in deep dynasty leagues and possibly FLEXING this week? Last two games he's 5/80/1 with 16 targets, and Ravens don't look like they are getting any of their injured WRS back for this week except a banged-up Jeremy Maclin.