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  1. How much % are you spending on Cohen this week? I'm in a dynasty .5 PPR league that starts 1 RB, but 3 FLEX (two of them are able to be RBS). RBS right now are: Gurley, Martin, Perkins, J. Williams, Conner, C. Henderson
  2. I'm actually considering picking up Goff in FAAB. I have Andy Dalton as my QB until Luck comes back and after yesterday and knowing their o-line I'm afraid to play him until Luck comes back. I think Rams are highly underrated this year, and I can probably get him for $0.
  3. Hope ya'll listened to me. Rams are a different animal this year. No, this is not because they got 46 points yesterday, that won't happen every game. The Rams actually have an offensive identity now, and they are going to use Gurley in all different situations. Gurley doesn't need a huge regression in YPC because their game script will be a complete different story than last season's which will enable Gurley to have more opportunities. BTW, their schedule isn't so bad. Yesterday's game was actually a poor game script for Gurley, and he still had 1TD 5REC 96YDS. Imagine when he plays all 4 quarters and the game is closer? A 3-down back on a team with multiple weapons and a team that can keep the box score low? Sign me up.
  4. I believe it was more of the Chiefs D outmaneuvering the Pats than Brady playing erratically.
  5. 40-50% chance Jimmy G will be a Steeler next year, hence why I picked him up last round in my start-up Dynasty.
  6. Also remember the Colts are missing their star Center. It's too bad they won't have Donald playing this week, although I still think this is almost a shoe-in.
  7. I'll be done with my WRS until round 13-14 by the time you're drafting Hill as your 3rd WR and losing tremendous value in other positions, sir.
  8. Most over-hyped player in the league. I wouldn't draft him before the 7th round.
  9. I'm very big on home teams against teams missing their key players. There is not a bigger downside in QB potential from QB1-QB2 than on the Colts. Their defense sucks too, and I think LAR are going to have a little positive regression this year. You could always stash the Bills for their 2nd route against the Bills; I can't see myself using LAR anywhere else in the season. I think for equity purposes, it's a no brainer taking the Rams this week.
  10. The colts are @ LAR, and I am taking LAR this week. Is your league straight up or spread?
  11. Rawls>CJ>Carson>Lacy in order of fantasy value. I am trying to stay away from SEA this year as much as possible, besides Graham at the right price.
  12. Thielen is one of the most underrated WR2's in fantasy this year. Rudolph is going to regress; thielen is going to get more TDS. I would start him as a WR3/FLEX spot especially in PPR and be happy about it.
  13. Anyone scouting this guy, especially for dynasty leagues? Just read an article on him: He seems to be the real deal, and on the perfect team for a new WR2/slot. I'm thinking of picking him up in my first week FAAB. I could probably get him for $2 MAX ($100 yearly budget) and i would drop one of these future RB hopefuls like D. Henderson. Thoughts?
  14. Yeah it's sooo close. It really just depends on your preference. I think round 2 RBS are the hardest of all fantasy football right now to decipher currently.
  15. I'm a little biased because most of my leagues are dynasty or 3+ keeper leagues; therefore I never have a high priority on older players ESPECIALLY at the RB position. Kelley has too much competition for me and I think Perkins will do a lot better than people think this year simply because of game scripts for NYG. I honestly am not too interested in drafting either unless the ADP at the time is +EV
  16. .5 PPR tier sheet Round 1 Bell Johnson Mccoy Freeman Round 2 Gordon Gurley Ajayi Murray Howard Round 3 Miller Crowell Zeke ( ONLY IF early pick, drafted johnson/bell) Round 4 Hyde McCaffrey Fournette Zeke Round 5 Ingram Montgomery Lynch Anderson Cook Round 6 Woodhead Ware Coleman Mixon Round 7 Martin Abdullah Perkins Riddick Powell Round 8 Gillisee Gore Duke Everyone else is round 9+
  17. I am a big fan of him. I believe it was more situational last year for his downfall although he was not completely innocent. His YPC was horrendous for 276 touches, but he will not have stacked boxes nearly as much as last year. Rams offensive core is a thousand times better now, and their D is good enough to keep the games low-scoring: less stacked boxes + running the clock out - Gurley can have 300+ touches. If he increases his receptions (which I know the plan in camp was to get him more involved in passing), he could be an absolute MONSTER.
  18. Gurley will be a top 3 RB this year; I just hope he gets a huge bump in receptions.
  19. I would only take Martin in standard leagues where I am relying on a heavy depth of RBS and losing value in WR with a weekly stream approach. I would also have a contingency of handcuffing him with Rodgers. TB should have a lot of points this year and will be ahead in the 3rd/4th quarter more than last year- there's his value for me.
  20. Because I do many leagues, I always take one league and decide to draft unorthodox. Last year I tried 0 RB/ 0qb strategy by drafting WR, WR, WR, WR, WR, etc. and did not draft a QB until round 13 (dak) for example. This year I was contemplating trying to steal the elite QB'S at a pick like 3-5 in a 12 man league (only PPR). For example, rd1: Brown rd2: rodgers rd3: brady rd4: luck/brees. 5th-9th you can still end up with decent starting players, last time I mocked I tried this at pick 3 and it went like this: Brown, Rodgers, Brady, Luck, Hyde, Mixon, Crabtree, Monecrief, Broncos, D. Johnson, Maclin, Sproles, Wallace, Tucker, Enuwa, J. Williams. Obviously doing this to have very big trade bait. But also you can play matchups with the best QBS anyway. I would be extremely aggressive on the waiver wire obviously but I still feel my depth here is not the WORST (besides TE which I would most likely stream anyway). I also pick up the highest ranked defenses to be able to create a trade package without trading any of my wr/rb depth (which isn't the best obviously as a trade off). There are plenty of reasons why someone would get desperate and offer their 2nd/3rd rounders: - They got no one of value in QB position - Qb gets hurt - Qb is on bye You'll be able to convince someone whose 1/2/3 picks aren't meeting their expectations and sell them relatively low in accordance with your depth. Once again, I would only do this in PPR and with certain picks where I am still getting an elite player and get 2 picks not very far away from each other in 2nd/3rd round (1st-3rd), (10th-12th). Only trying this for fun and make at least one league a little more exciting. Very high risk but could have very high reward. Mind you, the whole point of this is hoping an opponent gets in desperation mode and wants to give you 2+ very very good players for one of your QBS. You know how many people in drafts overvalue QBS. Trade Bait purposes only. However, having 4 QBS to pick from matchup wise to give you the most points every week can't be the worst scenario if no one trades with you.
  21. Fitz. Polamalu. Rodgers. D. Johnson will be there if he keeps it up.