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  1. Samuels is a better dynasty hold play. We will see more of him used next season. I don't see him being used that much unless an emergency for 2018. Steelers are going to be a vastly different team in 2020 than now. A-lot of younger players coming up: (Juju, Conner, Watt, Washington)- Samuels is a future play for the steelers, and they are a team known for breeding their players for the long haul (hence why many if not all of their star players end up staying with them for their majority-entirety of their careers).
  2. DJ gonna go off the next couple of weeks. We might finally see 2016 DJ come out, and he could be a championship winner.
  3. The relevant titans players have been the most annoying players this year in fantasy football and causing me headaches. Lewis and Corey Davis get either 30 points or 5 points every week. It seems like a great matchup with Lewis but with Henry vulturing most of the TDS at the 10yd line or closer, and them splitting the carries it's just not worth the risk for me to start Lewis. I'm choosing Carson over Lewis this week.
  4. Would you guys hang on to Darnold in a dynasty league as a potential future QB, or replace him with someone like Driskel or Taysom Hill? Not trying to start him now- thinking years ahead.
  5. Been monitoring this guy all season. I have him on my taxi squad. I think this guy next year will have his breakout, but not this year. Obviously different type of player, but his situation is a-lot on par with David Moore. Samuel's target share is primarily what worries me even in a potential shoot-out game. Panters unfortunately are always going to start Funchess / Moore over Samuel for the time being, and with Olsen there grabbing targets as well and CMC taking 50% of the work- I just can't see starting Samuel this week in any spot even as a WR4.
  6. I am down by 20.8, I have Dion Lewis and Tyrann Mathieu. .5 PPR. what are my odds?
  7. Thank god i picked up tons of RBS in the league I have howard in. What a waste
  8. This dude is donezo. And every-time wilson throws him a RZ pass its over his head. David Moore is the legit future there.
  9. Keeping this dude for a while for dynasty. WR is wide open long-term on carolina.
  10. Yeah you could probably put them and ware as the top 3 handcuffs without thinking of ownership because they're more proven. I was thinking deeper with lower ownership. Would prob rank: Ware, Bernard, Ekeler, Brown, Edmonds, Samuels right?
  11. He's certainly up there with Brown, Ware, and I would say even Edmonds.
  12. Dynasty League - .5 PPR Traded Mike Evans and Phillip Lindsey Received David Johnson and David Njoku Team Now: QB: Ben, Stafford, Bortles RB: Gurley, DJ, Lewis, Carson, Bernard, Malcolm Brown, Jaylen Samuels, Chase Edmonds WR: Edelman, Watkins, Baldwin, Fitzgerald, Sutton, Sanu, David Moore, Tajae Sharpe, Curtis Samuel TE: Graham, Njoku
  13. Gotta be the raiders next year right? - They have the cap space (although owner is "nfl owner broke") - Marshawn not coming back next year / doug martin is not the answer / jalen richard is not the answer - LA/Vegas market will be appealing for sponsorship for Bell - NYJ gonna stick with Mcguire/Crowell/Cannon more than likely I cannot see any other team that needs the RB + is willing to pay as much as the Raiders.
  14. Dynasty league must add with Bell 99.99% gone next year. Dropped him for Herndon since he's also TE eligible as well. The Ohtani of Football perhaps?????????
  15. Anyone picking him up? Had 8 recs 102 yards last week. I don't see any other RB being a dominant rb there. Is there any long-term value here?
  16. No possibility of Dez being opposite of Thomas and using Smith in the slot?
  17. Ended up doing the trade. Million things can happen with both of them, rather try to prime my team for a win this year.
  18. 14 team league, .5 PPR. Current Lineup: QB: Cam Newton RB: Kamara RB: Conner WR: Fitz WR: C. Davis TE: Gronk FLEX: AP i stream dst and k bench: j. brown, c. herndon, r. higgins, d. lewis, e. mcguire, d. guice, dalton, david moore Rule is, whichever round you you originally drafted your player- you move up 3 rounds to keep them next year. The league is 3 keepers. I drafted guice with my second to last pick (round 17), and I spent all my FAAB week 2 on james conner. I'm in 3rd place right now, but 1st and 2nd have same record. This is the trade I was offered: Trade away: Conner, Guice Receive: DJ, M. Evans, K. Allen or Trade away: Conner Receive: Mike Evans, DJ I would virtually have no amazing keepers next year. I think this trade potentially locks up first place for me though. What do I do?
  19. 12 Targets, 10 rec, 124 yds this week with Crowder out. Redskins WR corp is bottom 2 in the league - he's a RFA next year. Long-term thoughts?
  20. In the same, exact position besides up by 6 and i didn't even think of this. Thank you!
  21. Just convinced me to pick up Brown haha. Thank you.