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  1. might buy high in the offseason this year for him. He looks great with Darnold.
  2. Literally just picked him up in 2 dynasty leagues earlier this morning.
  3. DJ will be a huge bounce back next year. Their oline/offense was complete dogsh*t this year.
  4. He's never coming back. Goodbye Gordon I'm glad I never wasted any picks on you
  5. Thoughts on him for next year (dynasty)? Is Zay still going to be the guy in Buffalo or this guy?
  6. I need Curtis Samuel to get me 21.9 points in a .5 PPR league... long shot but it CAN happen
  7. I'm considering starting Nick Mullens at home against Seahawks over Cam. I see most of the TDS coming from mccaffrey again and cam is clearly hurt (his throws are always off but were way off the deviation this last week). If saints run away with it, they might even pull cam.
  8. Saints against cam and his hurt shoulder? Giants against the titans? Falcons against the cardinals?
  9. post of the season give this man a trophy
  10. If Ingram were to leave that would change my outlook completely.
  11. I LOVE Kamara (drafted him in half my leagues this year), however I do not think he is worth his projected ADP next year with Ingram still in the mix and the way the saints are currently running their offense. I would love to take Kamara as a early-mid round 2 pick but I am a big fan of bell-cow backs over someone like Kamara.
  12. I need Chris Carson to have an average game and Thielen to not go off. I'm up by 17 points in a .5 PPR league.
  13. D'Onta Foreman Kenneth Dixon Elijah McGuire Kenyan Drake
  14. Coleman's gonna be a free agent next year- I don't think he'll be back. Ito Smith I think has a stronger chance to take away starting duties from Freeman (i still see it as unlikely).
  15. Baldwin Howard DJ (if round 1) Kamara (if round 1) Evans (if round 1-2) Devonta Freeman Jay Ayaji
  16. CMC arguably could be #1 in PPR Right now though for me- PPR Barkley CMC Gurley Zeke Standard Barkley Gurley Zeke CMC
  17. I don't see why you wouldn't do both (i hate the other sites lol)
  18. Conner if he's back and Wilson if Breida isn't. With Conner out: Wilson, pettis, robinson, dede With Conner out and Breida Back: mcguire (try to get dixon), pettis, robinson, dede. Your first priority on waivers should be hamilton and i would start him instead of dede.
  19. .5 PPR he had 13 so 19 and change if every yard is counted (like mine). He can be a league winner if you have a TE like burton, graham, njoku putting up 2-3 points every week.
  20. Until Ingram is out of the picture this guy is a low-end rb1 going forward with a tremendous ceiling. Not reliable but you have to start him every week and not think about it.
  21. DJ and Fitz can get you in the championship next week playing the falcons. If DJ doesn't get points in this match-up then without a massive bump in their o-line, I would not be too pumped about him for the future. If he does what he's supposed to do this upcoming week, then it'll affirm that he can potentially bounce-back to true form next year with a better o-line and offense in general.
  22. Samuels is no chump. Ridley vultured a TD from him which would had made Samuels have a 20 point game. I have no problem starting him as a TE in yahoo with the garbage at that position outside of kelce/kittle/ertz.Would i start him as a rb2? no. TE or flex play here.
  23. Loving this guy for dynasty. Still hesitant on starting him in the playoffs this year- rather revisit next year. He's definitely going to be a future piece of that offense though.I see him being used like Tyreek was used last season.
  24. you're making this easier for me keep convincing me lol. i have winston in 3 leagues
  25. I'm still contemplating between sutton and fitzgerald right now. I feel like they almost have the same kind of situation.