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  1. It was a big trade: (posted it in the other thread): Michel, Fuller, Cole, Jimmy G for Baldwin, Edelman, Sutton, Darnold (dynasty league)
  2. Is Zach Cunningham the real deal or is he just on an absurd streak? I have Blake Martinez & Alonso as well as Cunningham, and I only start one LB in my league- I'm wondering if he's worth the long-term hold or if I should make room for another position.
  3. Dynasty league, .5PPR: 1QB, 1RB, 2WRS, 1W/T, 1W/R, 1W/T/R, 1LB, 1DB, 1DL- 15 bench Traded: Michel, Fuller, Cole, Jimmy g. Received: Baldwin, Edelman, Sutton, Darnold Team now: QB: Ben, Stafford, Darnold RB: Gurley, Lewis, Lindsey, Carson, Bernard, Cannon WR: Evans, Baldwin, Edelman, Fitz, Watkins, Sanu, Sutton, Jakeem Grant, David Moore TE: Graham, Watson, Herndon
  4. Huge on Jets players this year for dynasty. This is one of the guys I think will be a long-term player for the Jets. Powell might be donezo after this season and Cannon is perfect for that job... how long does Crowell keep his starting job as well? I also do not think McGuire is the answer there. I'm high on Cannon right now for sure.
  5. Just traded him off and he was one of my favorites to add early last year (insert "sick brag"). I never thought I would be saying these words, but I believe Moncrief is the guy to own in JAX going forward.
  6. I was just adding players in my dynasty league off the WW and he was there, I went with Jakeem Grant over Sharpe for now. I still have no idea what they are doing in TEN, and it's too hard of a gauge for me to keep a roster spot for him.
  7. I would buy low on Tate because his floor still gets you more fpts/g than most of the waiver wire additions, esp in ppr leagues. Someone could trade you big for Chubb right now with all of these RB injuries. I'm not saying he isn't good, but this is the time to sell high on him if you think you can get more value from a trade-stance than playing him week to week. For example, I have Kamara, DJ, Chubb, Crowell, Foreman on my team. I can afford the upside in trade value to get a lower-floor RB and a high WR2 (or potentially WR2/high WR3) for Chubb right now.
  8. Bell messed up BAD with this. He now is in a game of chicken and does not want to concede. Steelers called his agent and his bluff and now it's going to bite him in the long-run, because Conner took off.
  9. I do not think he even gets a timeshare. He is going to be diminished greatly, especially with Conner playing so well.
  10. I can't see Henry even being part of their schemes after their bye week. I would buy low on Lewis
  11. dropped him in dynasty for chester rogers ironically.
  12. Dynasty league. .5 PPR. I have Mike Evans on bye, Fitz big disappointment, fuller injured, watkins injured. Lewis is currently my 4th RB. I'm hoping the other team thinks of Funchess with a sell low price because of Olsen returning.
  13. I would receive TY and Ito Smith. wrs - evans, fitz, fuller, watkins, cole, sanu, r. grant, meredith, carr rbs - gurley, d. lewis, carson, michel, lindsey, bernard, wilkins We only start 1 RB, but have 3 flex spots which 2 of them are RB eligible (all 3 are WR eligible). .5 PPR This is pretty fair right
  14. Disagree. Bell is being greedy and unrealistic, and the Steelers organization doesn't give in to that. He's not going to get much more than what he was offered by PITT and they know that and are willing to move on and spend the money elsewhere. Brown isn't going anywhere. This is all Star Magazine-grade bs.
  15. Anyone adding Carr for dynasty leagues? I currently have Meredith. I would have to drop either Meredith or someone like sanu or grant. WR depth: evans fitz watkins fuller cole sanu meredith ross r. Grant
  16. I'm in the sam exact boat as you, but only 12 teams (deep though and dynasty) I'm spending all my FAAB on Lindsey as I think it's the only chance to grab him. He's worth it long-term wise, and alfred morris is still on the waiver wire so I know many will spend alot on him and I'm considering it almost a lock to get him if i spend it all.
  17. Buy Low: Keelan Cole - I think a lot of people are going to be low on him expecting him to have 100yds, 2 TDS equating his insane last 3 games last season to the norm. He's clearly going to be one of Bortles' consistent targets Sammy Watkins - I think concerns on Mahomes have been relieved after this week, and Watkins has one of the best contracts for WRS in football right now. There is absolutely no way he doesn't become in the very least a possession WR for KC. Jack Doyle - He will be used more than people think, and many casual players will see Ebron's TD as "the end" to Doyle which is simply not true.
  18. Giles Yates A. Miller J. Fry Stammen Vizcaino Leaning towards playing it safe with Giles, Yates, and Miller.
  19. Anyone picking up stammen for Yates’ absence?
  20. If Kupp gets taken before me by the guy who has Edelmen, who would be your second?