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  1. I'm now contemplating taking Fournette in this spot
  2. you got DJ at 6th and Julio at 19... can i get in your league next year
  3. I hate this spot this year for the first couple of rounds. I'm hoping to get Brown so I can focus on RB 2nd/3rd. If Brown's not there, I"m taking Barkley and going for Gronk/AJ Green- and if neither of them are there I'll probably take another RB and keep the strategy "old school".
  4. If I did not have him as a 14th round keeper this year I would place him on DND just based on his ADP alone.
  5. Michel is a long term play, but could pay off for keepers if you get him late enough and he does emerge as the new Dion Lewis, which I'm expecting. I wouldn't draft him in keepers any earlier than round 7 though.
  6. How much would you reach for him in redrafts with keepers?
  7. I love Goodwin, not a Cooper fan. Do you have a taxi squad?
  8. I hate it. You gave up two very young players that are extremely talented that could be the future for both their teams. Chris Hogan is good, for now. But you never know with the Pats- especially when Edelman coming back. Who are you prospecting for next year, since it's WR heavy, that's going to be a better prospect than Juju or Godwin? There are plenty of other WRS that you can probably trade for or wait on waivers that will get you Hogan numbers or maybe even better.
  9. Or Hopkins? I feel like I HAVE to take a RB here in order to have a chance to win. I'm petrified of Kamara regression/Ingram but taking a rookie RB on the giants as my first round pick keeps me awake at night. Has anyone been mocking at this position and figured out the best early round strategy?
  10. I don't think anyone is going to come near Gurleys numbers from last year. But I think in terms of ADP value at the RB position Lamar Miller is going to be a huge bargain.
  11. I will def. be drafting Hill, but saying he will be the lead back is ludicrous. Pats do not draft a rb in the first round, knowing he had knee problems, without every intention of using him. Hill is there for depth purposes, change of pace on goal-line, and in case Burkhead/Michel don't work out.
  12. You guys are crazy if you don't think Michel and Burkhead together have about 90% of all the carries this year.
  13. QB - Cam, Watson RB - Drake, Ajayi WR - Baldwin, Diggs, Thielen, Hill TE - Olsen, Engram, Walker
  14. WRS - Marquise Goodwin, Randall Cobb, Will Fuller RBS - Lamar Miller, Duke Johnson, Giovanni Bernard TES - Jack Doyle, Benjamin Watson, Vance McDonald, George Kittle, Eric Ebron
  15. Potential K. Cole of 2018. Grabbing him now before it's too late.
  17. Is anyone looking into this guy for deep/dynasty leagues?
  18. Just traded Amari away for Watkins and Fuller. Not feeling him at all anymore. I just do not trust the Raiders whatsoever this year.
  19. I ended up trading with someone else. I gave him Bell & Connor He gave me: Mike Evans, Dion Lewis, Gio Bernard, Picks: 1.2, 3.2.
  20. I have 1.2 as well and am between Penny, Jones, Moore, and Freeman. Losing my mind right now. Mind you I have Carson. Might make most sense to just hedge my bets and take Penny.
  21. Just got him at a bargain price in a trade. Could be a sleeper.
  22. Really depends on what you're looking for. It's really ironic cause I was on the verge of trading bell away for 1.2 plus a bunch of other stuff, with the idea of getting guice- then i see the headline pop up haha. Guice COULD be a future stud next year. But injuries always put huge question marks on future value. Do you need the player to bring you value now? I would probably take jones over guice then, knowing he might start. I frankly just don't like Jones that much but at least you know he has a good chance of starting and producing value for you now.