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  1. LeFell just released. WR2 spot locked by Ross. Ceiling at WR3 numbers?
  2. Loved Keelan Cole last year and he helped me make it to the finals with that 45 point game. Keeping him forever in my dynasty. He's the best weapon they got on their receiving corp AINEC
  3. I trade: Kyle Rudolph I Receive: John Ross, Corey Clement, 4th round pick (11 out of 12). my rb depth is: todd gurley, leveon bell, mcguire, connor. (only 1 rb slot) my wr depth is: fitz, a. cooper, ted ginn, cole, ryan grant, g. allison, terrance williams my te depth is: rudolph, graham, and ricky-seals jones. With this extra pick I'm planning on picking up Mason Rudolph or Ian Thomas.
  4. Yeah for sure. I just do not think there is any challenger for a role on the opposite side of Baldwin whatsoever. I am not a Lockett believer, Brandon Marshall lol and their TEs are not in the mix for passes it seems. J. Brown actually did real well last year for the amount of opportunities he had.
  5. I honestly should had fixed this. I meant Jaron Brown.
  6. I still do not trust this offense at all for fantasy, except Walker.
  7. Miller's ADP is enough value alone to draft him almost all the time. You get a starter on a team with an improved line that can make the Texans by game-script run the ball more- for a 4th or 5th round pick. If you have one of the 7-10th picks in a 12 ppr redraft you can stack your receivers and pick up Lamar for cheap. Love him this year- just make sure you pick up Foreman a round early as a safe bet for one of the best handcuffs this year.
  8. I like Watson as a last round TE in redraft if you plan on assimilating to streaming the position if it doesn't look well for him after the first couple of weeks. I think of Watson more of a TD or bust type of guy; could be wrong.
  9. I have graham on many of my teams so I hope you're right; however I think the tds are going to get distributed so much around that almost every receiver on GB is going to lose value. This is why I would rather draft a last-round possible flier like Allison than any of the other options (besides Cobb depending on where he lands).
  10. Could very well see Smith winning the 3rd receiver job over Meredith. Ted Ginn is going to be what he always is - deep play specialist. Smith on the opposite side of Thomas could be very good for PPR.
  11. I love my Steelers, but isn't Juju going in the 4th round a little too aggressive?
  12. This is Allison's make it or break it year to stay on GB on the starting role, but right now WR3 is HIS role. Cobb is going to play slot, and Rodgers has never been one to throw to his TE alot in the red zone. Allison is pretty much a Monecrief right now, and if he can get a bunch of end zone grabs he's golden.
  13. i'm liking a bunch of 2nd/3rd wrs that are projected to lineup opposite star wr1's: - john ross - g. allison - tre'quan smith - golladay - p. richardson
  14. I agree. I thought I was losing my mind. I even countered desean and kenny stills and he said no way
  15. 2nd year in a dynasty league. I drafted Jimmy G with my last pick last year because I knew his contract was about to expire and I expected him to get picked up by a team. I have Stafford, Ben, and Jimmy. I'm low on wr depth because I made a huge trade for Bell/Stafford last year when Rodgers got hurt. I've been shopping Jimmy and the best offer I have gotten is: Desean Jackson and a 3rd round pick (3.7). I have 3.12 and did another trade for 3.1 (lottery style, I won last year so I have last pick every round - 8 rounds). The other offer I got was amendola and brice butler (lol). Am I crazy for thinking Jimmy should give me more value? I like Desean but one year left on his contract and he's older, and what is the best I can really get with a third 3rd round pick? My wr depth is: Fitz, A. Cooper, Ginn, Cole, R. Grant, Terrance Williams, and G. Allison.
  16. I would take B. Gio's opportunity is criminally underrated because everyone forgets that Lewis always prefers veterans. Amari could have a breakout/bounce back season this year. I'm not high on royce and jeffrey is older/too injury prone.
  17. Of course. But I like to have a graph to follow - it helps me make on-spot decisions when I'm between two players on the clock.
  18. TE depth: Rudolph, Graham, Ricky-Seals Jones WR depth: fitz, a. cooper, ginn, keelan cole, terrance williams, g. allison, r. grant dynasty .5 ppr. I'm leaning towards the Woods trade.
  19. For 12 team PPR by pick: 1-3: 1.) RB 2.) WR 3.) WR 4.) WR (or rodgers if avail.) 5.) QB (or WR if 4 is rodgers) 6.) 7-10th.) Best available 11-13.) Fliers 14-15.) K, DST 16.) TE (unless decent value during 7-10th, then another flier or backup qb) 4-6: 1.) RB or Brown 2.) RB 3.) RB 4.) WR 5.) WR 6.) WR 7.) WR 8.) QB 9-14.) Best available 15-16.) K-DST 7-9: 1-3.) WR 4.) RB 5.) rodgers, wilson or RB 6.) RB 7.) WR 8.) WR 9-14.) Best available 15-16.) K-DST 10-12: 1.) RB/Wr 2.) whichever of the 2 you didn't pick in 1st 3-4.) same as 1-2 5-12.) Best available, get qb eventually 13.) TE 14.) DST 15-16.) Flier/K
  20. Yeah tannehill is going when I cut for rookies (we don’t have a taxi squad). I picked him up as insurance as a free IR spot. im currently shopping off jimmy g hoping for someone to over-pay for him due to hype. I ended up taking the trade simply because I need to build depth in other positions. Plan is to pick up one RB and my depth at that position is solid for the minimum 7 years (bell, Gurley- with only one RB slot to have to fill). Trying to increase my WR depth. Even if G Allison is a wr3 this year, he’s young and is a proven talent when in the field- I think in the long run he’ll be worth it. I needed a DE spot filled cause we changed IDPS to certain positions this offseason and I think clowney will have a huge year. I have a feeling drake is going to committee so I was using this trade as a sell high. Hopefully I am right- but I plan on taking Ballage earlier than his ADP suggests as planned leverage- cause the guy who I traded drake to has nobody at Rb besides drake and gio Bernard.
  21. I see Cobb playing the slot and G. Allison playing opposite of Davante all day. G. Allison is 6'3- I would not be surprised seeing him receiving 50 targets, but 12+ in the end zone. I'm all over him in dynasty and will take him as last round flier as a potential keeper in redraft/keeper leagues. I will be drafting him in my ROTO league too.
  22. 12 team .5 ppr dynasty league. I won last year so I have last pick (lottery style, 8 rounds) in rookie draft. Our roster formation with who I have in bold consists of: 1QB - Big Ben, Stafford, Jimmy G., Tannehill 1RB - Gurley, Bell, Drake, Conner, McGuire 2WR - Fitz, A. Cooper, Ted Ginn, Ryan Grant, Keelan Cole, Terrance Williams 1TE - Rudolph, Graham, Ricky-Seals-Jones 3 FLEX (wr/r, wr/te, we/r/te) 1 LB - B. Martinez, L. David, Shazier (IR) 1 DE/DT - 0*** 1 DB - 0 *** 15 Bench (no taxi squad) ***We voted in our annual charter to change from 2IDPS to 1LB, 1DE/DT, AND 1DB, so many people in our league do not have anyone on defense besides LBS for tackles. We did this to take the randomness out of IDP playing and giving teams with bad offenses to have a better chance of racking up some points.*** Here's the trade: I trade: Kenyan Drake I receive: Geronimo Allison, J. Clowney (DE), and 3rd round pick (he received the first pick in our lottery). I believe he would be highly overpaying for Kenyan Drake, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something before I accept because he jumped on the opportunity immediately when I offered (we have to send our ledger to the commissioner). He was the only person in the league who drafted a ton of IDPS. My plan is to grab Ballage and bets available WR in the 2.12 and 3.1 rounds. I'm probably going to grab best available WR in the 1.12 as well. What do you guys think?
  23. I would never do this trade in particular. Even though I would not advise, if you really want to get Mixon, I would trade Hyde and a 2nd or 3rd round pick to get him. I don't think this trade is necessary for your team. I would rather keep my picks and draft heavy on RBS if you want. Pick up someone like Ballage in the middle rounds and take the best available rb in the first round. Having Howard, Hyde, A-Jones and two rookie RBS with starting potential is enough to me in my eyes. Or if you do the trade I mentioned above, now your depth is great as well.