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  1. He’s s handcuff..simple as that. A great handcuff though..
  2. Lmao ok Edelman owner. That’s all you are to me.
  3. Who wouldn’t?? I mean...unless it’s a 6-8 team league... what better options can you have?
  4. Yea. And honestly I don’t care any of this. I didn’t even really think about it when saying Antonio was top three all time. I just kind of threw it out there because my main point is that this guy is a GOAT type receiver who won’t take a back seat numbers wise to someone like Edelman lol
  5. wow...i apologize, nor do I care about his ranking. My point is that he's fuggin' great and that he will take up other people's cakes. Not the other way around. And fwiw, I do think he was on pace to be a top 3-5 reciever. Whether it happens is another ordeal.
  6. lol ok...one of the best receivers ever. Does that tickle your pickle? Does that made sadfacehappy? My point is still the same.
  7. lol not sure why he is so high? Because he has the greatest QB of all time throwing to him and he's a top 3 receiver ever. I don't even like the guy, but I'm going to guess that is why he is ranked so high. Edelman is literally half of the receiver Brown is. Edelman will not be taking from Brown. It works vice versa.
  8. Basically football this year has whatever I don’t want to happen, happens. I’m there with ya.
  9. Only person going to have a good game is Godwin and of course I’m playing him. I quit this ******** game.
  10. I am now on this train. Needed receiver help badly so I traded Beckham for Evans and Moore. Hopefully he puts up WR2 numbers.
  11. Never owned him. Nothing against him. Can't recall him ever doing anything terrible when I've played against him. I just think I made a huge mistake drafting him. Like i said before in this thread, I regretted it the moment I drafted him. I hope I'm wrong.