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  1. 5/6 games is more than fine with me. I just don't want this 3 times a week bull s---.
  2. Well, he hasn't really "broken out". I'm a huge E-Rod fan, but he's never had a sub 3.50 ERA, nor has he even thrown 150 innings. That being said, I think he can truly break out this year, healthy permitted and if he stays focused.
  3. @Unoslacker Sorry to bother you again man, but I just got offered Hendricks for Eduardo Rodriguez. I love Eduardo and am not a fan of Hendricks, but I can deny Hendricks' ratios. He's been consistently solid. Now that I have Ray, it seems a bit risky to shop Hendricks for Eduardo, but I really want to haha....I have a feeling you would too. What you think?
  4. Yea. I didn't draft him this year. He wasn't as attractive to me this year partly because of Utility thing, but I think he will put up normal Cruz numbers. However, like you said, his production overrides that Utility spot all day. Assuming he has his normal year, he's definitely worth clogging that spot.
  5. That's a steal. He gets disrespected every year and usually falls in drafts because of his age. But he's a lock for 35-40 bombs and 90-100 RBI's
  6. If he's the Padres number 4 hitter, you have to pencil him for 25-30 bombs right? That's assuming he doesn't play like a complete bozo. I really just want some assurances that he's going to be an everyday hitter, because there are some nice hitters sitting on the wire right now in my league that I have my eyes on.
  7. @Unoslacker it’s done. Bye Devers. Now I have Luke Weaver and Robbie Ray. Let’s go humidor.
  8. Same to you! Already sent the trade request. Hope he didn’t change his mind lol
  9. That’s a tough one. That’s quite a lot to give up, but the good about it is you would be giving up a lot of uncertainties. Hill is a walking injury and you already have Ryu, who is also a walking injury. Both super solid when healthy though. Keuchel hasn’t signed and I sense solid numbers, but nothing special. Stop is the closer until Morrow returns and then who knows what happens. All while Yates is a proven monster and Erod oozes with upside. I would do it honestly....I think a Keuchel type pitcher will become easily available on the wire during the year.
  10. Alright... I will see if he is still down for it tomorrow. Yea, I love Devers’ talent but I don’t think this year is the year either. I honestly think Schoop could put up similar numbers. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks man! Awesome and helpful post. Someone offered me Robbie Ray for Devers... what you think about that??
  12. They went from the worst farm system to I believe now top 12 since Dipoto left. They have help coming in the next couple years and they should be in a position to contend in the next couple years.
  13. The east coast media has no idea what is going on with the Angels. Trout is soft? What a joke. Trout extended at the right time because Eppler has turned the farm system around and the Angels look like they will get a lot of help from it starting in 2020.
  14. Weaver, mainly because I think Peacock will be back and forth. Really hoping Weaver turns it around though, as I have shares.