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  1. Should I shop Vlad Jr.?

    Like the idea of packaging him with Soto for an elite guy - doesn’t hurt you this year and gives you three nice keepers. I certainly wouldn’t give him away cheap - even if you aren’t planning on keeping him. I also think hed have to show something this year at majors for me to drop soto who has already done it (assuming he stays near what he’s done so far).
  2. Eovaldi vs Gibson

    Yes - not fired up about either but just looking to make some hits somewhere
  3. Eovaldi vs Gibson

    Who’s better pickup ros? Play in qs and wins league. If Gibson had any luck/support he’d be a fairly high rated pitcher thus far. Feel like eovaldi has more dominant potential but 4/5 last starts were bad. Competition was tough however and he is in line for some easier starts. What say you?
  4. As long as you feel good about your pitching, I'd like the overall improvement with Ramirez
  5. verlander value in keeper league

    it's a keep 5 league - most people probably don't value him as a keeper due to age although this year would probably make people think about it if he ends up strong like this. As for other post, yes it would only make sense for win now teams. I'm possibly a win now team but looking to either secure a quality keeper and/or help me with hitting because my pitching is in really good shape
  6. Currently own verlander who is obviously rolling. Looking for some offensive comps that you guys would ask for in a keep forever league. What kind of guys do you think would be enough to trade him for considering this season and future value?
  7. who do you like better in keep forever league. Certainly, Freeman has more skins on wall and is a monster. Baez is younger so maybe more prime years ahead of him and also at a position where those numbers are more scarce unlike a 1B. Some of this lineup uncertainty is worrisome with Baez although more of the concern is about is becoming an elite guy this year or just a really good player having an outstanding season. Also like the new additions around Freeman that seem to make me think his numbers could actually be on the rise with all of this help in the foreseeable future. Freeman not gonna offer much on the base paths, and neither do most of my other keepers so that possibly makes Baez a little more valuable in that aspect. Any other angles I'm missing?
  8. Currently have seager and baez and have ability to trade one of them in a keep forever league. Who would you rather keep for the overall future? I guess if you wouldn't value either as a keeper then who do you like most for just this season?
  9. keep forever league - jram or kingery

    bump please
  10. First off, no doubt I wouldn't rank or expect kingery to eclipse ramirez this season. However, I'm curious your thoughts about 2-3 years from now who would you rather have and why. They are actually pretty similar age-wise even though ramirez has more mlb experience. Also, this isn't about losing confidence in Ramirez based on slow start although I do think an argument can be made that his 2017 year isn't likely to be repeated. Is it close or am I crazy?
  11. Ozzie Albies or Scott Kingery RoS?

    probably a pretty tough call. I'd think albies is more guaranteed of regular playing time, but I think Kingery will be mostly there everyday. I think average will be better with Kingery but close. I think steals will be better with albies but close. Pop similar but I think if Kingery gets the expected at bats, that he will have slightly more. I like his position flexibility and think he's on a better team so i'd go with him but can see the argument the other way.
  12. Got offered jose ramirez for my carlos martinez in a keep forever league. I think that ramirez would more likely be a keeper for me over martinez but certainly depends on how he rebounds the rest of the season. What do you guys think?
  13. Where can you find best info for current adp for keep forever leagues. Most stuff readily available is for redrafts that I've come across. If nothing great exists out there, how do you go about adjusting your predictions that are there from redraft leagues?
  14. What is best online resource for current adp for keep forever leagues. Most stuff readily available is for redrafts that I've come across. If nothing great exists out there, how do you go about adjusting your predictions that are there from redraft leagues?
  15. OF help in my dynasty league WHIR

    Looking for immediate or nearly immediate success, I'd take the sure thing in Cain - could be adjusted if you know you need to hit big on something to win it all based on the rest of your team but Cain's last season would be a nice stat line for an unproven in Dahl. Help with mine?