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  1. Drop Freeland for Gausman or Domingo German? I already have Marquez so I’m not sure I am ready to rely on both Rockies pitchers this year. Or or should I just keep Kyle? Thanks.
  2. Perhaps Lindor will be in the lineup for game 2, so I am starting him. Fingers crossed!
  3. I guess i’m not too happy to see this, but hopefully Swarzak is out there again for the next closing opportunity.
  4. Soooo I’m glad I took the risk and started Freeland today - 6 IP, 0 ER, 7 K
  5. Your right on Freeland. Still a Tough choice haha I’m split 50/50
  6. Who’s confident in throwing out Freeland today at home against Philadelphia?
  7. Rank these 3 waiver hot shots: Brandon Lowe, Hunter Dozier, Dwight Smith Jr. ESPN points league
  8. Brandon Lowe a must add at this point? Sitting in my waivers
  9. Davis continues his hot streak with an RBI double. Must be owned in all formats.
  10. How soon can he be expected to get access to closing opportunities if he does well on his comeback? Not getting scooped up as much right now in espn and yahoo.
  11. Quick, he’s a must grab off waivers while he’s still available.
  12. BEAST. 2 homers today. Heating up ?
  13. Why didn’t Hicks close for the cards today? Ugh
  14. DeJong, Meadows, Alex Gordon, Vogelbach. All of them on the waiver wire. If you had to grab 2, who would they be? Or rank them. I’m thinking my team needs some more slam. I need more hot producing guys that have long term potential (chunk of the season) for my espn points league utility spots .. thanks broskis !
  15. Any news on what’s happening with Red Sox situation?