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  1. I would say Verlander is fine. In my opinion if you are looking to mitigate risk you aren't doing so by trading for other potential headaches. I like Berrios a lot but I happen to like Verlander more. Buehler is a stud in the making but doesn't have the track record Verlander has & some people were ready to jump ship on him early in the season when he was getting smacked around. Strasburg is as injury prone as they come so you wouldn't be doing yourself any favors there either. Lastly, Carrasco's era 2 months into the season is almost double what Verlander's is. The different between Altuve & Bregman isn't significant enough to want to swap out Verlander for a lesser SP. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  2. If I had to choose your 2 least valuable hitters & 2 least valuable pitchers they would be Carpenter, Villar, Musgrove & Perez. I know it's hard to drop Perez when he's doing so well but the law of averages says that you already got his good numbers for the year & it should be all downhill from here. Carpenter is your weakest hitter in my opinion but that doesn't say much as your hitting is stacked. I would never play him over Alonso or Arenado so your only spot for him is 2B over Villar or UT over Riley. If you can't see that happening then cut bait. Musgrove has an era under 4.00 for the first time in his 4 year career so there's a good chance he levels off & finishes off with an era of 4.00 or higher. We saw Villar's ceiling in 2016 which was really good but I feel like that was the year to own him. While you might like all 4 of these guys all I can tell you is that they are the only 4 that weren't a definite keep in my eyes like the way I felt about everyone else on your team. If I had a gun to my head I'm dropping the 2 pitchers. Pitchers are easier to stream & replace. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  3. 14 Team Mixed Redraft (Non-Keeper) 7x7 Roto League With OBP/TB/QS/HD.I Give(DH) Khris Davis (OAK) (1B/2B/3B) Max Muncy (LAD)I Get(SP) Gerrit Cole (HOU)(DH) Nelson Cruz (MIN)(C) Wilson Ramos (NYM)The Way I See It1 - I traded Tyler Glasnow when he got hurt & I just lost Trevor Williams to the IL so I can really use an ace starting pitcher & Gerrit Cole is definitely that. 2 - Max Muncy would be replaced with a subpar waiver guy but my offense should be able to withstand losing his remaining 20-25 HR since I'm 1st in the category. 3 - I lost Mitch Garver to the IL & the only decent catcher on waivers is Christian Vazquez but he might not make it to me so Wilson Ramos becomes somewhat valuable. 4 - Nelson Cruz would replace Khris Davis. Cruz just went on the IL & Davis is having hip issues but neither injury looks serious. Cruz is better than Davis in BA & OBP. My TeamC - Waiver Wire Pickup Pending1B - Eric Hosmer2B - Jose Altuve3B - Max MuncySS - Xander BogaertsMI - Carlos CorreaCI - Michael ChavisOF - Mike Trout, J.D. Martinez, Tommy Pham, Nick Castellanos & Yasiel PuigUT - Khris DavisSP - Hyun-Jin Ryu, Brad Peacock & Steven MatzRP - Felipe Vazquez, Jordan Hicks, Alex Colome, Ross Stripling, Josh James & Reyes MorontaRS - Dallas Keuchel, Julio Urias, Christin Stewart & Alex Reyes.DL - Trevor Williams, Mitch Garver & Alex Wood
  4. I was wondering about your Rule 1. I couldn't tell if he's trying to be helpful or just trying to get to 100,000 posts. I honestly, don't understand the abbreviations he uses like "mt" & every response is telling me to keep half the players & trade the other half of the players.
  5. So I basically got 1 yes & 1 no. I need to respond to the trade offer by tonight. Can I get a few more opinions before this post fades into oblivion? Thanks in advance!!
  6. I love Franmil Reyes as I invested in his baseball cards in 2014 & now I'm cashing in BUT that doesn't change the fact that Tommy Pham is a really, really good fantasy player. You're basically trading your bottom 2 OF for what would arguably be your #3 if not #2 OF. You can't lose on this one. You gotta do this trade!! Thanks for the help with mine!!
  7. 14 Team Mixed Redraft (Non-Keeper) 7x7 Roto League With OBP/TB/QS/HD. I Give (DH) Khris Davis (OAK) (OF) Yasiel Puig (CIN) (2B) Brandon Lowe (TBR) I Get (SP) Gerrit Cole (HOU) (DH) Nelson Cruz (MIN) (C) Wilson Ramos (NYM) The Way I See It 1 - I can really use an ace SP & Gerrit Cole is definitely that. 2 - I would be replacing Brandon Lowe with Jose Altuve once he gets off the DL. 3 - I would be replacing Khris Davis with Nelson Cruz. 4 - I would replacing Yasiel Puig with Christin Stewart. 5 - I just lost Mitch Garver to the DL & since there's only garbage on the waiver wire I feel that Wilson Ramos is a valuable replacement. My Team C - Waiver Wire Pickup Pending 1B - Eric Hosmer 2B - Brandon Lowe 3B - Max Muncy SS - Xander Bogaerts MI - Carlos Correa CI - Michael Chavis OF - Mike Trout, J.D. Martinez, Tommy Pham, Nick Castellanos & Yasiel Puig UT - Khris Davis SP - Hyun-Jin Ryu, Brad Peacock, Trevor Williams & Steven Matz RP - Felipe Vazquez, Alex Colome, Ross Stripling, Julio Urias, Josh James & Reyes Moronta RS - Dallas Keuchel, Christin Stewart & Alex Reyes DL - Jose Altuve, Mitch Garver & Alex Wood
  8. I would do it as long as the middle infielder you pick up to replace Murphy isn't a dumpster fire. Actually, you are in a 12 team league so it shouldn't be a problem finding a suitable replacement on the waiver wire. I'm in a 14 team league with 25+ man rosters & Howie Kendrick was on the waiver wire until about 2 weeks ago so all you have to do is grab guys like him & play the hot hand. If you want to replace Murphy via trade I would 100% trade Martin Perez while his value is the highest. He is sure to implode. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  9. This is an easy yes. The closers are not too far apart & I rather have Marte than Turner. If Turner was up on my team I would trade him in a cocaine heartbeat. Don't get me wrong, when he's healthy & playing he's very good, but how long does he hold up is the question. He has been in the league 11 years & has played a full season only once (151 games in 2016). On the other hand, I see you have Trevor Bauer. He's been in the league 8 years & last year was his first good season & now everyone thinks he's a bonafide stud. Bottom line, do this deal & don't look back. Trade Bauer too while you're at it. Since your staff looks weak compared to your hitting I'd try to trade Bauer for 2 underachieving pitchers but that's just me. I have a similar problem. I have a wrecking crew of a lineup but in the span of 3 weeks Stripling & Urias got booted from the rotation, I traded Boyd & lost Glasnow & Matz to the IL. Thanks for the help with mine!! P.S. Going forward you don't have to remind me to respond. I get to everyone who asks for help in return. Today was mother's day so my time wasn't dedicated to fantasy all day even though I would have preferred that.
  10. I would say to do the trade & since the player values are pretty close you can choose who you like. If it's me, I'm giving Osuna, taking Castillo & then packaging Smith, Fried & a sweetener in exchange for another stud RP or SP. You have an all-star team on your bench with Turner, Soto & Judge so your hitting is more than set. Pull off some more trades until your pitching looks as stacked as your hitting does. Yet again, thanks for the help with mine!!
  11. 14 Team Mixed Redraft (Non-Keeper) 7x7 Roto League With OBP/TB/QS/HD. I Give (SP) Tyler Glasnow (TBR) - DL I Get (2B/3B) Michael Chavis (BOS) The Way I See It 1 - Chavis would be a nice upgrade for me over Choi. 2 - Chavis has been haunting me ever since I passed up on him when I had the chance to pick him up. 3 - Glasnow's injury scares the crap out of me. We have seen this story before with Strasburg & many others where a tall & lanky 100mph flamethrower winds up needing TJ surgery.My Roster C - Mitch Garver 1B - Eric Hosmer 2B - Brandon Lowe 3B - Max Muncy SS - Xander Bogaerts MI - Carlos Correa CI - Ji-Man Choi OF - Mike Trout, J.D. Martinez, Tommy Pham, Nick Castellanos & Yasiel Puig UT - Khris Davis SP - Hyun-Jin Ryu, Trevor Williams, Brad Peacock & Steven Matz RP - Felipe Vazquez, Alex Colome, Ross Stripling & Julio Urias RS - Dallas Keuchel & Alex Reyes DL - Jose Altuve, Tyler Glasnow, Christin Stewart & Alex Wood
  12. Sorry I missed this one!! I think ownage percentage holds a lot of water. It shows that the majority of fantasy owners is willing to roster them at the current time. I would say that if I had to pick only 1 out of the 7 I would go with Strahm. Martin Perez 86% Brandon Woodruff 83% Tyler Skaggs 73% Matt Strahm 70% Griffin Canning 66% Spencer Turnbull 60% Pablo Lopez 34% Thanks for the help with mine!!
  13. I actually don't think there is need for panic even though I know having injuries blow. I just traded Seager so I'm not really high on him right now. It's all perception really. Injuries are the ONLY thing making you second guess yourself making this trade. If everyone was healthy you wouldn't be looking too much into it. Just look at the draft values. Turner is within 15 picks of Harper & should perform better than Harper in 3 categories (BA/SB/R). Albies gets drafted in the 50's while Seager goes in the 80's & even though Robles gets taken before Meadows in most leagues, they both don't have a track record so their draft value is based on hype & potential more than it is on statistics. So the fact that Turner has the edge over Harper in 3 out of 5 categories I'd say he's better than him if not equivalent to. Then you have Albies who is looking like he's better than Seager so far. The most shocking fact is that Robles has played 17 more games than Meadows but still hasn't passed him in HR & RBI while hitting 96 points lower!! I'd say you've won this trade once everyone comes back. P.S. Meadows is being activated today so there is 1 less thing to worry about. Thanks for the help with mine!!