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  1. "How is points allowed a good measure of a team's defense? " Did you really make that statement and expect anyone to read the rest of what you posted? Does this manufactured analytical measure determine the outcome of a game, or does the number of points allowed?
  2. Brady had two #1 scoring defenses, the #2 scoring defense, and two more top 10 scoring defenses during the seasons NE won the SB. Let's not even pretend this applies only to Manning, considering his playoff QB Rating was like 1 point below Brady. Brady also had like 7 other seasons where his defense was top 10 in points allowed. I didn't keep count, but I'm pretty sure Manning hasn't had 12 top 10 defenses throughout his career.
  3. Tom Brady playoff QB Rating: 89.0 Aaron Rodgers playoff QB Rating:. 99.4
  4. Brady and NE have had an equally easy path to the SB for the better part of a decade and a half.
  5. Start with confidence. Titans secondary is pure trash
  6. False. Peyton Manning 2015. Way worse. He was a TO machine and threw 2200 for 9 TD and 17 INT. 67.9 season rating. The season was highlight by him breaking the all time yardage record in a game with like 38 yards and 4 INT where he got benched for suckwieler. Playoffs were slightly better. 3 games 539 yards and 2 TD 1 INT.
  7. Is it the internet that created this crap? Not saying your post is crap, its actually very good and informative. But why in todays day and age is everything Montana vs Brady, Lebron Vs MJ, etc etc. When we were kids nobody was this eager to compare Eddie George to Earl Campbell or MJ to Wilt Chamberlain. People are obsessed with these pointless comparisons. Babe Ruth would not be Babe Ruth if you went back in time and brought him to current day MLB. Not dsayng he would suck, he might, but its an impossible thing to guarentee anything. Theres no point, today is today. Brady is Best today, Lebron is best today, thats all that matters, but people are damn near going to war on the internet over this crap. "Lebron misses a free throw" "MJ Would have made that" "you dont know that, MJ could have missed" "Well here a youtube video of MJ with the same score making the free throw" "Well heres a video of the 62 times MJ missed free throws" Its a never ending argument over something pointless.
  8. Doubt you get an answer. Because there's none.
  9. Brady is great. 2nd best QB in regular season and 13th best QB in the playoffs. You're probably one of those geniuses who gets tongue tied or goes silent when someone applies your logic against you by stating that you believe Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino because of SB rings. Ultimate team sport.
  10. SBs are the most ridiculous achievements people award to QBs. NE's defense has been downright phenomenal in all but one of their SB wins, and both of their losses. Despite some major mistakes by Brady (pick 6 against Atlanta, several turnovers vs. Seattle in recent memory), he's been put in position to win every game because of the defense. It doesn't matter who they put in at QB, if BB is there, they will have the best team and coaching staff around them to help them succeed. Not saying Brady isn't great, but claiming a QB who runs a 5.4 in the 40 on a good day and barely cracks the top 15 in All-Time playoff QB rating is carrying that team solely on his shoulders is ridiculous.
  11. That's because most teams with 28-3 leads are smart enough to play ball control instead of leaving their young defense on the field for that long. People can credit Brady with whatever intangibles they want, but it's clear that it is a QB friendly system with mismatches and options all over the field, as well as rub routes to get guys open. He threw it to his RB 14 times in the SB. It is a very smart system: GB has a much more vanilla system, built on iso routes which rarely work in tandem to get guys open, generic screens for the RB as far as the passing game goes, and just requires a lot of improvisation on Rodgers' part and chemistry with his WRs in order to be unpredictable enough to be successful. The Titans probably have a more sophisticated offensive scheme. I mean, they have a good OL, a QB who can throw it anywhere, and still can't run the ball because the plays are so predictable and unimaginative. It's clear that Brady is smart enough and still has the arm to run that system to a T, but that system is truly special. I'd completely forgive McDaniels' run with the Broncos in order to bring it here .
  12. In Montana's era, were db's allowed to beat up wr's all over the field? Can they now in Brady's era? Montana played in a much more difficult era to pass in. Brady's era is the easiest of all time due to all the rules changes. Both Brady and Montana have had bad games in the regular season and in the playoffs. And you really wanna tout a SB MVP in which Brady was simply a game manager and threw for a very pedestrian 145 yds? WOW!!! If you like your QB to be best in the regular season, take a step back in the playoffs, and have good and bad games in the Super Bowl...enjoy Brady and his 5 rings and two losses in which they were favorites! I'll take the guy who got better at every level, is undefeated in the Super Bowl and was the best of any QB in the Super Bowl who played more than 1 game. And if I flipped them in history, Montana would have put up better numbers in this era and Brady would have done worse.
  13. For me, it is a few things as I think you have to try to put the players in context. In Montana's era, the secondary play was much different and a lot more difficult so you can't just compare #'s to #'s because the rules were different. Remember that Pats/Colts playoff game where NE's cb's mugged the Colts wr's and Manning was whining that it wasn't fair and blah blah blah. And of course, he had a bad game because of it. That was much MORE of what guys like Montana had to deal with in their era. So Brady should have a distinct numbers advantage and does have one more ring. But... Brady has also lost 2 SB's which they 'should' have won given him in his prime with Moss and co. but he didn't play well in those games. In fact, Brady isn't even in the top 10 for QB rating IN the Super Bowl while #1!!! Montana is also 4-0! Montana was a very good reg season QB who was better in the playoffs and the best of all time in the Super Bowl and undefeated. Brady is best in the reg season, worse in the playoffs, and had up and down performances in the Super Bowl. I'll take Montana who IMHO was better...and did it under much more difficult circumstances!
  14. Being sacked isnt always the olines fault. Just saying.