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  1. This is the Kimbrel thread homie and the Brew Crew have a guy named Corey Feldman Haim Hader as Plan B Kimbrel will be a Chicago Cub this year, book it! 48 saves 103Ks 1.06/,067
  2. I would never trade Arenado. 2nd trade I would do but maybe throw in one of your SP and get a better pitcher than velasquez
  3. i agree with everybody here, i would've sprained my finger clicking accept, i like pax a lot but an everyday bat that you don't have to worry about is invaluable GL
  4. Goldy side all day, you are getting rid of a bum pitcher and an under-performing rizzo plus torres hit's at the bottom of the order and playing above his head, not a keeper so i would pull the trigger GL
  5. Well I'm starting him vs Cleveland today and hoping that the Sox can score some runs against the Tribe. I know the Sox stink but it's a division game and Dylan has been dealing and shows no fear no matter who the opponent is....Go Sox!!!
  6. Trying to pick one for a weekly league, the expert projections favor Edwin but do I put my faith in Jesus? Also, who do you want in this trade...Scooter or Murphy/Turner? Seems to me Scooter is having another great year and the other 2 guys could go back on the DL at any time TYIA
  7. I sure hope the time off helped this kid mentally, the Phils look like a wild card team to me, I think the Nats will be taking the division but I think they are as good as the Braves right now, just need to start winning on the road
  8. El Duque! Bags jammed no outs and allowed no runs vs Boston, that was epic! Sorry, carry on about how Rondon is the new closer in Houston LOLOLOL
  9. Yeah, I never thought he'd get a hit today vs staff ace James Shields, I am impressed
  10. Blake parker has runers at the corners 1 out 2-1 halos top of 9....cmon blake....beltre at bat
  11. Don't listen to em' JMac, I hope you grabbed JD like your gut told you
  12. They don't. Swing away kid.
  13. God I hate FBB, thanks for single-handedly destroting me this week Heinously, why couldn't you be on the other guys team???