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  1. I'd go with Olson, Soto, Dahl But really any of these guys could go off
  2. I think I agree with the above. But I'd prob sit Barnes and possibly even Hicks.
  3. Yeah, this is a very realistic possibility. As we all know, speed usually declines fast in the early 30s, but his bat should still be good, hopefully. On a non-fantasy note, I wonder if the Royals will extend him before his arb years come up? At the end of his arb years, he will be 34. I imagine they will, but who knows.
  4. Daily Whit watch: HITS Whit 188 Freeman 187 JDM 185 SB Trea 43 Whit 42 Mallex 37 Between Whit and Mondesi, Royals games are really fun to watch nowadays just to see what they do.
  5. Dunno if this was mentioned in the game day thread or not, but when Whit got his first SB yesterday he asked for the ball because he got a 40/40 season. (40 doubles, 40 SBs). He's at 42/41 and counting. Next closest is JoRam at 38/33. Recently, Pollock (39/39) and Altuve (40/38) were close to doing it in 2015, but the last player to do it was Altuve in '14 with 47/56. And before that was Brian Roberts way back in 08 (51/40). Roberts and Hanley did it in 07. Soriano and Hanley in 06. Bobby Abreu in 04. Soriano in 02. Johnny Damon and Eric Young in 00. So in this century, it's only been achieved 11 total times by 8 players. Beast. He wanted it and got it. No doubt he's going for the MLB lead now.
  6. Carrasco coming out of the bullpen tonight after Bauer. No QS, but hopefully he can get the W (and help with ratios).
  7. Depends on which pitcher you'd be dropping him for. And who else you have to play OF. What you don't want to happen is you drop him, then your opponent picks him up and gets a homer and a couple rbis this weekend if he plays.
  8. Leclerc has been money, but Giles may get more save chances this week. Giles
  9. Tough choice. Sano has got that awesome power. But I'd go with Moncada and hope he figures it out soon.
  10. Yeah, I'd roll with White over Morales. It was mentioned on the Stros broadcast the other day that when White was called up, he actually asked Hinch and another coach what he would need to do to stay up. They told him, "Just keep hitting." And that was it. He is dialed in like nobody's business now.
  11. I am definitely considering this. 6 QS in his last 7. He was talking up his changeup in the postgame interview last game, saying how it helped him in the mid to late innings. His changeup usage has been significantly higher these past 8-9 games, so it looks like he figured out he can induce soft contact with it. (Consistent Soft% has increased last 7 games too even though it was only 11% vs CLE, other 6 games >20%). NY has had problems with Baltimore all season for some reason, so maybe Cobb can continue the hot streak.
  12. Santana's BB% is > his K% (17 vs 14.6). According to fangraphs, the only other 1B with #s like that is Votto. I'd pick him up just because of that. He's in the top 10 in OBP for 1B, too. Looking at his other #s, they are actually not too far off from Abreu's.
  13. That is tough to trade away Chapman. But 1B is not as deep as it was last season, and it might not get to that point again for a while. So yeah, deal looks good. Abreu is can't miss. How badly does the other owner want Chapman? If hes desperate, maybe see if you can pry away another player since you're giving up a top tier RP. I don't have a problem with the trade as is though, but see if you can negotiate something more.