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  1. I currently have 11 interested people. If I can find one more person, we can expand to a 12 team league.
  2. Looking to start up a dynasty league with smaller, parallel college football league. The college draft will be Thu Aug 22, 8:00 PM EDT and the NFL draft will be Sat Aug 24, 8:00 PM EDT (these can be adjusted). Overview: - Both leagues hosted on Fantrax (must join both leagues) - PPR scoring. No defense or special teams - 10 or 12 teams - NFL rosters will be 25 players deep: QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 FLX-2 TE-1 BN-17 - College rosters will be 14 players deep: QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 BN-8 - All FBS players eligible - Each offseason, keep 20 players from NFL roster - Can promote up to 2 players from college roster to NFL (if those players are now in the NFL) - 5-round rookie draft will follow. Teams will have 3-5 picks based on number of college promotions - Keep up to 2 college players that are still in college - College draft to fill out rosters For signup links or more information, DM or email me at piemontechris@gmail.com
  3. The leagues have been created through Fantrax. There will be no cost to join these leagues! The drafts have been set to the follow dates and times: - CFB: Thu Aug 22, 8:00 PM EDT - NFL: Sat Aug 24, 8:00 PM EDT If interested, you must join both leagues! Contact me at piemontechris@gmail.com for more information and the links to join.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm looking to gauge interest on a dynasty format that features both a NFL and CFB league. If I receive enough interest, I will create the league and a Slack channel to discuss some of the finer details as a group. The hope is to have the college draft by the middle of next week at the latest, then the NFL draft before the final week of the preseason. The overview is as follows: At the end of the season, teams will be required to cut 5 players (keep 20) from their NFL roster. A team can promote up to 2 players from their CFB roster that have been drafted by a real NFL team. A 5-round rookie draft will follow consisting of all rookies that were not promoted to a team's NFL roster. Positioning in both the NFL standings and the CFB standings will factor into the rookie draft position. If a team promotes 1 player, they pick in rounds 2-5. If a team promotes 2 players, they pick in rounds 3-5. Up to 2 players can be kept on a team's CFB roster that did not graduate or enter the NFL draft. A CFB draft will follow to fill out the remaining roster spots. Positioning will be the reverse order of the CFB standings and loss of round 1 or 2 draft picks will work the same as the rookie draft based on the number of keepers. Rosters: - NFL: QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 FLX-2 TE-1 BN-17 - CFB: QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 BN-8 If this is something you are interested in, either reply here or email me at piemontechris [at] gmail.com. I would like the overall structure to stay the same, but the finer details can be put up to a league discussion. I would like to have the league size be 10-12 teams and the only cost would be any league hosting fees divided up amongst the 10/12 teams.
  5. Looking for a dynasty league, preferably with some sort of college player integration. Open to all formats and up to $100 if the league is right. Start up or orphans welcome. piemontechris@gmail.com
  6. Any interest in this being a dynasty league? If so I'm in