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  1. My dynasty team is already in full injury crisis mode. Kershaw, Nelson, Luzardo, Didi, Olson and Scooter. Plus Josh James and Gohara lost their shot at rotation spots due to injury. And I’ve got Keuchel and Kimbrel unsigned. Hoskins, Marte, Carpenter and Upton have been banged up too this spring - they should be fine, but the way things are going, who knows. This is quickly transforming into a rebuild year and it’s only March.
  2. Backing off with elbow soreness Well that’s not good. Brewers say it’s no big deal but when a guy hasn’t pitched in 18 months any bad news is cause for alarm. He’s probably looking at a May debut at best now.
  3. At his ADP he's basically free this year. Definitely a nice pickup in OBP leagues. His batted ball data suggests that he'd hit 20+ HRs in pretty much any park except the one that he's in. If he were to get traded...
  4. This is why I nicknamed him “Steady Freddy”. He’ll start the season in the rotation. Jimmy Nelson will likely push someone out in a couple weeks once he gets stretched out, but if Peralta pitches well he should be able to stay in long-term.
  5. A safe drop in redrafts. Decent chance he doesn’t pitch in MLB this season. Even with a quick recovery he’ll probably be at AAA for a while. Bummer.
  6. He played the 2nd half of the season with a broken foot. First half he had a .378 OBP, 63 R and 14 SB. But not being the leadoff hitter kills his value. Really if they’re not going to hit him 1st or 2nd, they should bat him 9th. With his skill set he needs to hit in front of good hitters, not after them.
  7. He'd still presumably close. Might lose a few situational saves to Hader or have a shorter leash if he struggled, but there's also benefits to having great setup guys in front of you. At this point I'll take anything that isn't sitting out until June.
  8. Lots of Gonzalez movement, but no K----el movement. 😟
  9. I saw him go at 49 in a draft I was in, and he went at 63 in a similar league. Both too rich for me. Even if he had a healthy spring, he’s still in decline. There’s a point where he’s worth all the risk but name value keeps him from getting there in most drafts.
  10. He said trade for Will Smith, not Melancon. No one’s trading for Melancon. The Giants would have to throw in Joey Bart to get someone to take that awful contract off their hands. But Smith is only making 4.2 million and was one of the best RP in baseball last season. Not sure exactly where the Red Sox are at vs. the luxury tax but Smith would be a much more affordable option than Kimbrel.
  11. That was before his arm tissue started dying. I'm amazed he made it back last year at all. He turns 34 on Opening Day and I can't imagine it's going to get better going forward.
  12. Murphy can slide in at 5, drop Desmond to 6 and McMahon to 7 and you’ve got perfect L/R alternation, for what that’s worth.
  13. Really good 2nd spring outing Nelson struck out 4 with no walks, 2 hits and one unearned run. More importantly, he hit 95 on the gun. Don’t want to overreact too much to one spring outing but that could not have gone much better. Looking like he did in 2017 again.
  14. Very doubtful. I'm not even sure June's a lock. Bo just turned 21, hasn't played AAA yet, was good but not great in AA last year, and the Blue Jays pretty obviously like to manipulate service time. They may want to keep him down all year, especially if he struggles at all. My hope is that he gets off to a fast start and kinda forces a callup after Super 2.