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  1. Texas is moving into a new park next year which they expect to be more neutral. Here's an article on how it might play. I think he'll be a solid player, but he doesn't steal much despite being fairly fast, and his groundball rate is too high to be a consistent 30+ HR guy. I do like him in deeper leagues because he think he's got a pretty high floor, but not a guy I'd reach for.
  2. Kela was suspended for an altercation with a team staff member and suspended for throwing at Dietrich. The Pirates were also rumored to be interested in trading him for Jeffress, who they did not claim when he was released. Going back to Texas, he got demoted to the minors one year for not putting in effort in an instrasquad spring game. Kela has a well-earned reputation as a clubhouse cancer. He’s the most talented guy left in the Pirates bullpen but I think he’s down in the hierarchy for a reason.
  3. Trammell slashed 310/356/643 in 10 AA playoff games and hit the game-winning grand slam in the 9th inning yesterday to give Amarillo the Texas League title. Nice end to a disappointing year. He’ll drop on prospect rankings and rightfully so but still a lot of upside here. He will likely play next season at AAA El Paso which has one of the most hitter-friendly parks in the PCL. Could be a good buy low target in dynasties right now.
  4. Starting today at 3B for the 4th time in 5 games, 6th overall. No idea if that will be his long-term home but it looks like that’s where he’ll be the rest of this year.
  5. As if the Nick Solak-Peter Fairbanks trade wasn't looking bad enough for the Rays already, Solak just homered off Fairbanks.
  6. I think he's MLB ready in that he'll keep the strikeouts down and can play a couple positions. He'll have to tap into his power a little more to be fantasy useful though, and that's probably not going to happen right away.
  7. He’s homered in all 3 of Pensacola’s playoff games so far. That won’t show up in his stat lines but it’s worth remembering.
  8. His position eligibility for next season will be interesting. So far he’s mostly been a DH, with 3 games at 2B and 2 at 3B. I think it’s likely he takes over at 2B next year, but since the Rangers are out of it, there’s no rush to move on from Odor right now. Might as well give him one last chance. 3B is even more wide open, but Solak has played their very little and scouting reports question his arm strength. It doesn’t seem like the best fit. He’s also played some OF in the minors, though not yet for Texas. Depending on league rules, it’s possible he starts next season as a DH only, but he could still end up with both 2B and 3B eligibility.
  9. What concerns me about Winker is not only did the Reds platoon him this year, they often pinch-hit for him as soon as a lefty entered the game. Sometimes he’d only get 2 PA. His hitting ability is great but I don’t have much faith anything will be different next year. The Reds love to platoon.
  10. Huge game tonight in the Eastern League playoffs: 7 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 12 K, 2 BB. Had a no-hitter through five. Phillies haven't ruled out calling him up, but it's unlikely
  11. He’s batting cleanup and playing 3rd today, which will be his 14th start in the 16 games since his callup. CBS keeps listing him as “not in lineup” which is a glitch of some sort. I’m not sure if other sites are having the same problem with him, but he’s definitely been getting regular PT.
  12. Over the last month he slashed 309/358/491 with a 6.7 BB% and 11.7 K%. That’s more in line with what you’d expect. His injury problems are a concern but I don’t really question the hitting ability. Give him a healthy wrist and the AAA juiced ball next year and I think we may see big numbers again.
  13. Why is that insane? There's lots of reasons not to call him up. Most rookie pitchers, even top prospects, struggle at first. Luzardo is 21, has never pitched in MLB before, missed most of the season due to injury, and the A's would be throwing him right into a playoff race. That's a tough situation.