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  1. Moncada or Adames ROS??

    10 team H2H redraft. Who’s the winner?
  2. Anthony Rizzo 2018 Outlook

    Glue factory candidate...
  3. Jose Bautista 2018 Outlook

    He's baaaaack... with the Braves... at third base... soon. www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23232648/jose-bautista-agrees-minor-league-deal-atlanta-braves-play-3b Feels weird to ask about him, but is there anything to see here??
  4. Jack Flaherty, SP STL

    2 start week coming up (reds, pirates). Could be chill?
  5. German Marquez has a promising two-starter ahead (@SF, @SD). Anyone rolling with him over McHugh? Gotta find someone to fill McCullers' shoes asap.
  6. Willie Calhoun 2017 Outlook

    So where's that game changer everyone's been promising?
  7. Who trusts the new and improved maybe-living-up-to-the-hype Moncada?
  8. Head 2 head playoff updates.

    Just barely won the semifinals of my 10 teamer. Bout to crush this other dude's stacked a** team through sheer moxy and willpower, or die trying.
  9. Bump. Still wondering if I should do both Verlander and Richards, or just Verlander.
  10. Hendricks, Weaver, Hill, Wood, and then a toss up between Quintana and Peacock. Quality over quantity.
  11. In the semi finals of my H2H 10 teamer, and I'm tied 6-6 with the other dude, with one day left!!! Each category is set in stone, with one of us far ahead of the other, EXCEPT ERA, where I'm at 3.16 and he's at 3.33. I don't have much of a chance of "winning" the match up, but if I can keep it tied (i.e. keep my ERA lower than his for literally one more day), my better regular season record should carry me to victory. He's got Kyle Gibson and Jose Quintana pitching tomorrow; I've got Garrett Richards, Justin Verlander and Jon Gray at my disposal. Assuming all I care about is having the better ERA, who, if anyone, should I start?? Thank you!!
  12. H2H Keep 3 -- Who to keep for 2018??

    Yeah, any and every player kept is another of my first 3 picks gone. I love Hoskins, but I suppose he's a little less of a sure thing than Bellinger. Rizzo is certainly consistent, but I really believe that at their best Hoskins and Bellinger will be more exciting to own.
  13. H2H Keep 3 -- Who to keep for 2018??

    Complicating 1B matters further is Rhys Hoskins.
  14. I can keep 3 for next season, each of which would take up 1 of my first 3 draft picks. I've narrowed my list down to Rizzo, Bellinger, Machado, Blackmon and Severino. Who should I keep? I love Severino, but there will probably be better choices, and I know Machado is gonna lose SS eligibility, so my main quandary is the choice between Rizzo and Bellinger. I also have Schoop and Andrus, if that changes things. Thank you!