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  1. Whatsup guys I am starting up an auction league where players will not retain salary but each draft will be auction styled. I created a format where each rookie pick will be worth a specific dollar amount for that team to use during the auction. The league will take place on MFL. I am already a commish of a few other leagues so you don't have to worry about a commissioner with no experience.The startup auction will take place in Mid July or shortly after the league is filled up and everybody has paid. (The startup will include rookies as well)Roster settings-27 man roster, 22 keepersQB,RB,RB,WR,WR,WR,TE,FLEX starting lineup - 19 bench spots - 4 IR spotsFAAB Waiver SystemStandard PPR and H2H POINTSGroupMe required. Every owner must be active.Payment through LeagueSafeAlready have 4 owners just need 8 more. If you are interested in joining or have any other questions please send me a DM or shoot me an email at !
  2. Come on boys. I'm already in a similar league so I know it will work well. Come help me fill this thing up!
  3. GROUPME REQUIRED AUCTION WILL NOT START UNTIL ABOUT A WEEK AFTER REAL LIFE FREE AGENCY H2H POINTS LEAGUE Lineups will be semi-weekly (You set your lineup on Monday and Friday of every week) Scoring settings---- Points - 1 Assists - 1.5 Defensive Rebounds - 1 Offensive Rebounds - 1.5 FGMade - 0.5 FGMissed - -0.5 Steals/Blocks - 3 Turnovers - -1 First year auction will include rookie players and every year after will have a 2 round rookie draft resembling the real NBA There is no point in tanking because of the real lottery format as well as the consolation bracket will play their own tournament for their seeding IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS DM ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU ANY INFO YOU NEED
  4. Looking for someone who will take over a team in a 12 team 50 dollar SUPERFLEX FleaFlicker leagueGroupMe requiredHere is the roster:Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Sam Darnold, Joe FlaccoTodd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Chris Thompson, Ito Smith, Jordan WilkinsJarvis Landry, Cooper Kupp, Mohamed Sanu, Sterling Shepard, Tyrell Williams, Willie Snead, Terrelle Pryor, Albert WilsonJimmy Graham, Jack Doyle, Hayden HurstWil LutzRams Defense,Have to set 15 keepers by rookie draftHasn't traded any picks (1.6,2.6,3.6,4.6,5.6)Start 1 QB, 2 RBS, 2 WRS, 1 FLEX, TE, K, D/ST, superflexIf you're interested or have any additional questions send me a PM. First come first serve.
  5. Head to head categories league just need to fill 2 spots, comment your email and you're in!
  6. No limit for free agent pick ups but there will be a start limit @tazdevil300
  7. Anybody interested in a 12 team 6*6 categories fantasy baseball league? Looking for 9 more owners. Draft will happen sometime after league is filled - likely closer to Opening Day. Money will be submitted through LeagueSafe - Payout TBD !!GroupMe required!!
  8. Draft tomorrow at noon eastern time dm me your email if you’re interested one spot available