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  1. Best ball is essentially where you draft a team, but don't make a lineup, the computer makes you best possible lineup at the end of each day. Sorry, i am not interested in joining another daily league this year, although, unique categories.
  2. Looking to join a best ball league for this season, or a draft and forget it type league. Email me at only interested in these kinds of leagues, thanks.
  3. Interested, may have a couple guys with me.
  4. Contact me, might have a couple guys interested, depending on what rules you have set in mind and etc...
  5. Preferably categories, Roto or H2H, slow draft. If you have a league like that, are starting one, or know of one please let me know thanks.
  6. Just need you to expand the league to 12 and they are in! Their emails are below
  7. Informing them now! We have an NFL draft at 8pm EST so just making sure they are good for doing both drafts that night. and they are! sending the links now!
  8. Just as title states, 3 guys looking to join a $25-$30 College Football Fantasy League, preferably PPR. If you have any openings available please email me.
  9. If youre at all interested in changing this to 12 teams I have 3 people interested.