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  1. Great trade. Carpenter has been just as big a disappointment as Goldie has, as a matter fact about 200 spots lower in the rankings. Help me:
  2. Someone drop Luke Jackson and I want to put in a claim. Who should I drop? Folty, Chase Anderson, someone else? 12 team yahoo 5x5 redraft SP Patrick Corbin Was - SPSP Chris Paddack SD - SPRP Blake Parker Min - RPRP José Alvarado TB - RPP Matt Barnes Bos - RPP Trevor Bauer Cle - SPP Scott Oberg Col-RPP Chase Anderson Mil-SPBN Luis Castillo Cin - SPBN Mike Foltynewicz - AtlDL David Robertson Phi - RP DL Luis Severino NYY - SP
  3. Wondering the same thing. Davis was solid before getting hurt, so I imagine they would rather have him close and use Oberg in setup.
  4. So who are you guys speculating on that will become closers in the near future. Buttrey seems obvious How about bottom dwelling teams that might sell closers? Here are two stash candidates I am thinking about : 1) Jimenez in Detroit (Green has been awesome as a closer, but Detroit isn't going anywhere) 2) Moronta in SF (SF has to be selling, only danger here is Moronta might be best, but the entire pen has "closer experience") Who is on your list?
  5. I wouldn't be interested in #2. #3 is intriguing depending on OF. If you are giving up Kepler/Winker/Eaton and getting Springer I would do it. #1 seems interesting because a solid RP seems to be hard to find this year with all the committees and if he stays healthy I might like Hill over Nola ROS. Help me:
  6. I always hate having the #1 ww spot. You end up second guessing yourself and holding off on picking up really good guys hoping that someone better will come, with no guarantee. Arrieta has been really inconsistent, but I imagine him finishing around SP #50-120 meaning he should be owned. That said, your SP is solid and I think you can afford to wait for something better.
  7. Redraft or keeper? I love Thor as a player, but he hasn't pitched well this year after that injury and I don't trust the Mets with pitchers. I think I would rather have Ozuna and Lester this year (granted Lester will probably come back down to reality a bit, and remember Ozuna is a notorious 2nd half hitter).
  8. Strange season for me. (FYI - nonkeeeper) Started off hot, I am top 3 in all 5x5 categories except RBI, W, Sv, yet with 2 blow out losses in a row I have fallen to 8/12. There is a Pirates fan in my league: Thinking of offering: My Marte/Jeffress (we don't count holds) for His Cole/Hader Is this a desperation move on my part? My team: My rosterC Jonathon Lucroy LAA -C1B Rhys Hoskins Phi - 1B,OF2B Yoán Moncada CWS - 2B,3B3B Manny Machado SD - 3B,SSSS Tim Anderson CWS - SSOF J.D. Martinez Bos - OFOF Andrew McCutchen Phi - OFOF Starling Marte Pit - OFUtil Adam Eaton Was - OFUtil Nicholas Castellanos Det - OFBN Brandon Rodgers COL - 2B, SSBN Daniel Murphy Col - 1B,2B BN Billy Hamilton KC - OF (might be time to cut him) SP Patrick Corbin Was - SPSP Chris Paddack SD - SPRP Blake Parker Min - RPRP José Alvarado TB - RPP Matt Barnes Bos - RPP Trevor Bauer Cle - SPP Tyler Skaggs LAA - SPP Jeremy Jeffress Mil - RP BN Luis Castillo Cin - SPBN streamerDL David Robertson Phi - RP DL Luis Severino NYY - SP
  9. I think your assessment of all three players is right on. I agree with your strategy of trying to cash in on flashy starts for big name solid players. Pull the trigger I would rather have Baez. Help me:
  10. No, I would totally rather have Turner. Good trade for you
  11. 5 x 5 yahoo redraft league. I am behind in every stat this week. SP (my strength seems to be failing last 2 weeks - Bauer, Castillo, Corbin, Paddock, Scaggs have all been rocked in at least 1 of their last 2 starts. 😪 So stream: Folty (dropped him for streaming 2 weeks ago, and of course finally had a good game) @ StL Lopez (ChA) @ Min (yikes Minny is raking) Thorton v SD Miley v Bos Canning v Tex Other Lopez @ Was
  12. I like this. I don't know what the RP situation is in your league, but worth a try. I have been offering my OFs for RPs to no avail. Help me: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/751546-ros-correa-or-anderson/
  13. I agree with paintingtheblack. Leclerc has sucked. Stay away. Keep the sure thing closer on ****tier team.
  14. Yeah, he is getting older and slowing down. But he also does tend to start off slow. Also, new bats arriving should help his numbers. I totally would pick him up and try to trade one of your 1Bs. Help me::