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  1. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    3 Tds baby
  2. Pats/Chiefs

    OMG Lmao he didn't even come close to his head
  3. Pats/Chiefs

  4. Pats/Chiefs

    Edelman, I knew you'd eventually do the right thing
  5. Pats/Chiefs

    Pats fans can stop the refs are against us narrative now
  6. Pats/Chiefs

  7. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    10 man PPR 2-QB dynasty. Team A gave up Russell Wilson and a 2020 4th. Team B gave up 2019 1.05, 2020 1st and 2020 2nd
  8. San Francisco 49ers 2018 Outlook

    You sound awfully smug now for someone trying so hard to hedge his bets a year ago. And good call on the weak OL class of 2018.
  9. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    I'm assuming by "stand" you mean consulting with his trainers and coaches and trying to avoid setbacks from a player who has had chronic hamstring issues?
  10. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Comparing a top-three WR in the league to Spencer Ware lol. I think Julio has earned that right.
  11. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Based on what, exactly?
  12. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    @J.T. Marlin literally just said if they don't bring in a significant FA or spend high draft capital on a RB. Obviously, this is the absolute ideal scenario for him. But if that happens, you better believe he's a second rounder at worst in redraft.
  13. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Who's taking his job? 4.72 40 Darrel Williams?
  14. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    After Ware went down, he was like a 2nd rounder. However, some drafts had already finished before the injury and many people were able to get him at an extreme bargain in the 8-10th.