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  1. He's kinda the definition of a plodder. 3.7 ypc, a whopping one game over 100 yards, and 20 catches on the whole season. I'm not sure Jones is any good either, but he at least offers a perceived upside. I would fully expect Tampa to draft a RB pretty early. Also worth noting, Barber averaged 4.3 ypc at Auburn, which is horrendous in college.
  2. Josh Rosen remains in Arizona and takes a huge leap in the new air raid offense, finishing as a top 8 QB. Damien Williams finishes as a top 3 RB. Chris Godwin outscores Mike Evans. DJ Moore finishes as a top 10 WR. Royce Freeman becomes the bellcow in Denver and totals 1300 yards and 10 tds. Matt Breida goes to Philly where he finishes as a top 8 RB. George Kittle has an even more incredible year and breaks his own TE receiving record.
  3. Why all the Colts speculation? Mack was pretty darn good last year once he got back healthy.
  4. Eh, I doubt that. Cleveland is for real now.
  5. Chiefs signed him to a 1-year deal.
  6. And more thing because I've seen people talking about Damien's age. He's younger than both Bell and David Johnson, with FAR less mileage and carries on his body. Now, it is fair to question if his body will hold up to a full workload over the course of the year, sure. He's just never had the opportunity to do so.
  7. I would say he's underrated. He's a very smooth pass catcher, and he boasted a 95th percentile Speed score at the combine to go along with a 4.45 40, good for 91st percentile. He certainly looked like a difference maker for KC down the stretch.
  8. Because they're both 6'4"? I'm not sure I understand the comparison...
  9. I'm not entirely sure what I've stumbled onto with this thread...
  10. He eclipsed 10 points in every single one of those weeks. And he had 6 catches.
  11. He did? What week was that exactly? Was it Week 12 when Duke had 2 carries and 2 catches? It can't be that week. Chubb had 84 yards rushing and 44 receiving with 2 tds. Perhaps it was Week 13? Hmm, Duke had 2 catches for 12 yards. Chubb had another rushing td and 41 yards receiving. Probably Week 14? Nope, Duke literally had no catches and negative yards rushing. So, I guess you're referring to Weeks 15 and 16 as when he "destroyed" Chubbs value? A combined 40 yards rushing and 79 yards receiving? Meanwhile Chubb is over 100 yards in both games? Help me understand.
  12. Hopefully my dynasty leaguemates share this same sentiment.