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  1. He’s outplayed Lindsay for two weeks now...
  2. Exactly. You have to remember this kid is a rookie. This was his second career start, and it was in a tough spot on the road. The tds and rushing will come. It’s not like he’s out there turning the ball over left and right.
  3. What confirmed it? That he was signed from the practice squad when they have only two other active running backs? You’d think if he were going to get all this run, he wouldn’t have been 4th in the pecking order to begin with...
  4. He’s probably a no-brainer start for most teams now every week as their WR2. I know I’m not sitting him.
  5. Who did you draft in the 4th instead of GODwin?
  6. Yikes. Maybe I'm in the minority, but no way I'd give up those two guys for Thielen.
  7. I don’t see how you can watch how atrocious that offense was for three quarters and not be impressed at how mentally tough this kid was down the stretch in that game, facing a very underrated defensive front. If I’m not mistaken, Peyton and Luck threw three picks in their NFL debuts. When this kid gets settled in and starts consistently adding his running ability to his game, the sky is the limit. He’s going to be special.
  8. No. No it did not. But somehow I think I’m still going to win.
  9. Very confident in him today. Starting over Henry.
  10. So he hasn’t physically assaulted anyone, that we’re aware of. He’ll probably win the Walter Payton Man of the Year award this year.
  11. Was this when he was hurt from not using the proper precautions and footwear and entering a cryogenics machine?
  12. What about when he threatened to RKO his general manager?