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  1. I would stay put but with Cam having a better ros schedule I can see taking it but a definite no on Green trade. Thanks for help on mine
  2. I’d do it I’m sure you can figure something out for the bye week thanks for help with mine
  3. My main defense is on a bye week Denver so I need a 1 week filler and it’s bad, so bad I’m actually thinking of going with no defense this week. Here are are my options Browns vs. Atl Bengals vs. NO Raiders vs. Chargers OR No Defense
  4. I don’t think Jones jr will be that helpful I’d rather try for Tate.
  5. I think Kittles will be the better TE ros but Olsen is not bad and Adams is an upgrade over Allen. I’d do it. Help
  6. I normally only play in big leagues like 14 and 16 team leagues but I decided to try a 10 team league and my problem is I feel like I’m stacked at RB especially. Here is my current lineup let me know If I should change anything. QB MaHomes RB M. Gordon RB Conner WR T. Y. Hilton WR A. Jeffery TE Kittles FLEX Brieda BENCH Fournette - his first game back scares me. T. Gabriel Engram M. Jones P. Rivers
  7. Julio Green Diggs Thomas Juju Julio and Green for sure #1 and #2 the rest can be switched around. Thanks for help with mine
  8. Fitzmagic even when he has bad games he throws so much he still gets you 20-30 points