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  1. I am 3-2 my RBs suck. Here is my team for those who cant see my sig. QB Goff, Garoppollo RB M. Sanders, D. Singletary J. Ajayi WR M. Evans, Godwin, AJ Green, P. Richardson TE D. Walker D/ST Minny The guy who has Mack and Jacobs at RB is 0-5 his team is QB Minshew, Mayfield RB Jacobs, Mack, J. Williams WR E. Sanders, Scary Terry, JuJu, P. Williams TE Cook D/ST Jags I was thinking of offerring him M. Evans and M. Sanders for J. Jacobs and E. Sanders. Or should I wait to see about Singletary and if Ajayi actually gets a team? I actually LOVE my WRs after the bye weeks and Green comes back. This is a full PPR league btw.
  2. This right here you already have 2 good TEs if your not sure about Evans sell him for another WR but I still like him better than Hollywood
  3. I think AP they said with new coaching change he will be the featured back. He will get his and against the lowly Dolphins.
  4. I'd normally say Kittle but he will be limited and not playing his best I'd go Sanders
  5. I'm a 49er fan hyde has the better matchup but I think Brieda will still be high off his big game and will get his regardless of matchup go Brieda.
  6. Anyone else? Really need some info here.
  7. I would also go Gallup but don't think Sutton is a bad idea either.