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  1. I fully agree. This kid has electric stuff! And if it hasn't been said already, I definitely think he surpassed Whitley as the top right handed pitching prospect.
  2. How's Lowe been doing lately?? Haven't heard too much?
  3. That's good news. Hopefully he can be up in the majors by August??
  4. That bat flip was nasty! I like it!!!!
  5. I doubt it. They say he has absolutely no power. Ichiro could dial up a bomb here and there. Especially in BP.
  6. Very impressive! Dude is smashing!
  7. I believe my league rules are alot differant then how alot of your leagues go. It is dynasty, but would like some comparisons. Is there a website, or a rundown out there?
  8. I figured this year was an extreme stretch, but the fact he's still in there spring training made me wonder if mid season was an outside chance.
  9. Is 2019 still projected, or is this year possible?