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  1. League filled. Thanks everyone and good luck this year.
  2. Only one more spot left! We drafting asap. Come join us.
  3. Almost that time, we drafting asap. Need 2 more.
  4. We are drafting in 1hr 50mins. Still looking for 2 more!
  5. Only 2 more spots left. We drafting in 2 hours!
  6. FREE 2nd year Redraft League. Drafting tonight at 6pm eastern time. Need 4 more managers .25 PPR & IDP. Join with link below if interested:
  7. Hey guys, we need one more person to fill our last spot on this league. A person could not play last minute. First come first serve. Remember, we draft tonight 7pm EST.
  8. 4/12 teams filled. This thing is filling up fast. Come get it.