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  1. I know he is talented. Just league winner caught me by surprise.
  2. Why is he a league winner? Kelce and hill will dominate targets now.
  3. I am interested in pecking order. I might have to play pringle today.
  4. I never saw anything that said passed protocol.
  5. I mean didn’t peyton barber last whole season last year? I remember Jamaal charles comps for ronald jones last year. Brown is starter and goal line back for at least this week and maybe more. Lets cash that lottery ticket!!! No matter how much talk of Henderson being electric.
  6. My man!! I believe where there is smoke there is fire. Its like last year kept it under wraps, they not gonna come and say his knee flared up in week 6. Only Question now is brown good enough to hold off the electric rookie or supposed electric rookie? Rookies are sometimes hard to evaluate but looks to me like game to fast and not picking up things AKA ronald jones who looks totally different this year.
  7. You guys think Henderson gets more play now and leap frogs him?
  8. I also played him figured not time to get cute!! He never left lineup all year no reason to start benching in playoffs.
  9. I am going to play tyreek if Hayward out. If hayward plays gonna sit tyreek, They defend the big play well an that's tyreek's money play.
  10. Huge risk comes with Huge upside. I think he gets a bump in usage this week. I also like the fact probably need to air it out more this week against the rams.