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  1. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    Not hating, but you guys need to add a WR spot. I actually play in an 8 team league with some of my old work friends, but we start 2 QBs, 4 WRs, 2 RBs, and 1 FLEX just to keep the teams from being overly stacked.
  2. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    10 teams X 2 WR spots = 20 WRs starting on a weekly basis. Seems pretty light. I play in 12 team leagues and we still start 3 WRs.
  3. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    Wait, you're in a 10 team PPR league that only starts 2 WRs? That is absurd. What kind of league is this? I've never played in a 10 team league where we didn't start 3 WRs.
  4. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    After running through a mock myself from pick 7, I think the OP's team isn't as bad as some in this thread. I still don't like his WR3 situation though. Here's what I ended up with for comparisons sake. 10 team full point PPR - 7th pick: QB: Andrew Luck WR: Odell Beckham Jr WR: Doug Baldwin WR: Golden Tate RB: Leonard Fournette RB: Rashaad Penny TE: Jimmy Graham K: Matt Prater DEF: LA Chargers Bench: Derrius Guice Ronald Jones II Marshawn Lynch Kerryon Johnson Marqise Lee Corey Clement
  5. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    I'm indifferent on Collins. He probably won't be great, but he's solid. WR3 is really going to hurt this team in PPR though. People make fun of guys like Landry and Tate, but there's something to be said for your WR3 going 6 for 70 every week. Jones Jr. is going to kill you on the weeks he doesn't catch a TD. Floor matters as much as ceiling IMO.
  6. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    Your team seems solid everywhere, but kind of lacks a position where you're truly elite. I'm not in love with your WR3 situation for PPR. Jones Jr is not going to catch 9 TDs again and isn't a target monster and Cooks isn't really a high volume guy either.. I think I would like your team more if you had spent your 5th or 6th round pick on a Jarvis Landry or Golden Tate. Landry and Tate are less sexy, but have a way better floor. Jones Jr caught 3 or less balls in 8 games last year. I do like Brees and Mixon as nice bounce back candidates though.
  7. Royce Freeman 2018 Season Outlook

  8. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    I only play in PPR leagues and Jarvis Landry in the 5th and Rex Burkhead in the 7th both seem like steals to me. Looking at ADP I also like Ertz and Demaryius Thomas in the 4th and Kerryon Johnson in the 6th provided the Lions cut Abdullah as expected.
  9. Probably Williams for me. He just seems like a guy that's a pros pro and will be in the league for a while. Jones is probably more talented, but he's not doing himself any favors. Being dependable is important to coaches and Williams has proven to be more dependable.
  10. 2018 Dream Draft

    I'm just glad no one bashed my dream draft. Tough crowd LOL. 12 team PPR QB: Matt Ryan WR1: Antonio Brown WR2: Doug Baldwin WR3: Jarvis Landry RB1: Devonta Freeman RB2: Kerryon Johnson or Rex Burkhead or Corey Clement TE: Zach Ertz
  11. Dynasty Rookie Draft PPR - Top 5

    You guys might think I'm crazy but the more I look into these Rookies in preparation for my draft the more I like Kerryon Johnson. I think he'd probably be in my top 5. Ronald Jones is like 197 pounds. He's not really built to be a workhorse. I know guys like Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson were great, but those guys are few and far between. As for Chubb, with the Browns locking down Duke Johnson, his value really dips IMO. Chubb is likely to offer next to nothing in the passing game. I know the Lions have had terrible luck at RB as of late, but Johnson has all of the tools to be a feature back in the NFL. He also faced great competition in college which makes him a little easier to project than guys like Penny and Jones.
  12. Jamaal Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    How are we feeling about Williams now that Aaron Jones is in the doghouse?
  13. Aaron Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    Jones or Williams could be a league winner this year (late round guy that puts you over the top), but who knows how this backfield will play out. It will probably take an injury to one of them to make the other relevant.
  14. 2018 Reach to Achieve

    Jarvis Landry would probably fall into this category for me. He's currently a late 5th rounder in PPR and I like him more than most of the WRs going in the 4th. I get that he's in Cleveland but every year people doubt this guy and every year he produces. At some point people are going to have to accept the fact that he's a high end WR2 in PPR. 84 receptions is his career low.