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  1. 2019 Keeper League Central

    No love for Hunter Henry at $6? I understand the need for the RB, but I really look for value, and given the TE wasteland this year, Henry at $6 is potentially fantastic value. I'm also looking at possible trades of Adams and one of the RB (likely Michel) for Thielen, who is only $20 (fortunately, the guy with Thielen drafted Michel, who I got in a trade this year). I guess I'd still then have Thielen, Kamara, Lindsay, and Jones for $64. I just really like Hunter and would love to keep him. Maybe I can swing some other trades for better keepers, but it's hard to beat what I have in this league.
  2. 2019 Keeper League Central

    Assuming $200 budget, basic player settings (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex, K, D/ST, 4-6 bench), I think JuJu for $28 is a better value. While each league is different based on the managers and how they value different players, a guy like JuJu goes for mid-40s (at least) next year, whereas Gurley will go 70s (maybe as high as 80s, but I think that's too much). He's a beast, no doubt, but I look for value in keepers, and JuJu at $28 is a better value, IMO. I'm in a similar debate early on. 16-team PPR, $200 budget. Can keep up to 4 players, cost increases each year kept (next year keeper cost in parentheses). My choices are: QB: Dak ($20) WR: D. Adams ($26), A. Cooper ($40), J. Gordon ($who cares, but 16), T. Patrick ($6) RB: Kamara ($16); P. Lindsay ($6); S. Michel ($11); A. Jones ($22) TE: H. Henry ($6) I have some good options and my own ideas on who to choose, but curious what you think.
  3. WR2 Help - WHIR

    12-team PPR League. Lost Sanders to injury and Gordon to addiction demons. AB is WR1. Don’t need flex (have Zeke, CMC, and Carson as RB1, 2, and Flex). WR2 options are: M. Williams v. Baltimore tonight Pettis v. Chi tomorrow (on waivers) Callaway v. CIncy tomorrow (on waivers) Hogan v. Buffalo tomorrow Tim Patrick v. Oakland Monday Thanks and WHIR.
  4. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    I definitely had some bad beats this year. 12-team PPR league. Highest point total by 47 points over one other manager, next closest was 135 points behind. Unfortunately, I had the 2nd highest points against. I ended up with the 3rd seed, ending the regular season at 8/5. Three of my losses were by less than 2 points (and two by less than 1 point), and lost a fourth because of the Chiefs/Rams MNF score-fest (literally that team's highest weekly score of the entire season by about 30 points). If any one of those goes the other way, I'm the No. 1 overall seed, and the way things played out, I would have been in the finals in a decent money league playing the second best team in the league. As it stands, I lost the semis because Cam can't throw a damn ball, though I'd have beat every other team in the league this week...except the guy I played (2nd best team in the league). Those close losses hurt more now than they did at the time...
  5. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    12-team full PPR league. I’m down 14.5. He still has Kamara and I have Cam and CMC. I’m worried about Cam’s arm, but it’s winnable. Sad part is we are the two best teams in the league. This would have been a much better finals.
  6. Pick 1 for Flex (WHIR)

    I’d go samuel, actually. Worried about both RBs, and as a SF Bay Area resident (and Pettis owner in one league) it’s probably gonna be raining come game time. Not great weather.
  7. 12-team league. I have both Zeke and CMC, so I get the RB stack either way. (In another league, I have Dak and Cooper, so I am rooting for Dak anyway.) so, Dak @ Indy today or Cam v. NO at home tomorrow? WHIR
  8. Bench Brandin Cooks?

    Agree with the benching of Cooks, but if you really want to play him, it’s a coin flip between benching Chubb and Mixon for me. Oakland has been coming on strong, and Denver D is solid. Thanks for mine.
  9. Need WR help. WHIR

    Thanks for mine. I like Moore and Sutton, but I think Pettis and Hamilton have high TD upside. I’m worried about Moore with Newton struggling (or, as a CMC owner going against the guy who played Damien Williams, I need a big CMC check down day in my PPR league, so maybe I’m projecting my hopes).
  10. Which D/ST? WHIR

    12 team league. I have Denver v. Cleveland tonight and LAC on my bench (droppable). Currently on waivers are: Atlanta v. arizona Dallas @ Indy (which I like if TY is out) Washington @ Jax NO @ Carolina who do I pick up (I also like Dallas in week 16). And who do I play this week? of course, WHIR
  11. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Currently have Denver in facing Cleveland tonight, but Atlanta and Dallas are both available on waivers. If TY is out, isn’t Dallas a solid play on D/ST? Or do I stick with Denver? (I don’t have to drop Denver, as I have LAC to drop, and I can pick up ATL or Dallas - I was holding LAC for next week against Baltimore, but Denver plays Oak, Dallas plays NYJ, I think, and who cares who ATL plays).
  12. Ezekiel Elliott 2018 Outlook

    I had the number 3 draft position, and I was going to draft DJ if he fell to me. Thankfully, he went at 2, and Zeke came to me...
  13. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Janikowski to get 30. That's only 6 50+ yard FG - totally doable...
  14. Waiver pickup this week- 100% WHIR

    Thanks for mine. Selfishly, since I have Hooper, I wan Sanu to not do well, but he's probably the best of the bunch. But I do think the Jets will eventually see what they have in McGuire and let him loose. It think either is a good play over Reynolds.
  15. Did you stick with the Titans?