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  1. Pick 1 for Flex (WHIR)

    I’d go samuel, actually. Worried about both RBs, and as a SF Bay Area resident (and Pettis owner in one league) it’s probably gonna be raining come game time. Not great weather.
  2. 12-team league. I have both Zeke and CMC, so I get the RB stack either way. (In another league, I have Dak and Cooper, so I am rooting for Dak anyway.) so, Dak @ Indy today or Cam v. NO at home tomorrow? WHIR
  3. Bench Brandin Cooks?

    Agree with the benching of Cooks, but if you really want to play him, it’s a coin flip between benching Chubb and Mixon for me. Oakland has been coming on strong, and Denver D is solid. Thanks for mine.
  4. Need WR help. WHIR

    Thanks for mine. I like Moore and Sutton, but I think Pettis and Hamilton have high TD upside. I’m worried about Moore with Newton struggling (or, as a CMC owner going against the guy who played Damien Williams, I need a big CMC check down day in my PPR league, so maybe I’m projecting my hopes).
  5. Which D/ST? WHIR

    12 team league. I have Denver v. Cleveland tonight and LAC on my bench (droppable). Currently on waivers are: Atlanta v. arizona Dallas @ Indy (which I like if TY is out) Washington @ Jax NO @ Carolina who do I pick up (I also like Dallas in week 16). And who do I play this week? of course, WHIR
  6. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Currently have Denver in facing Cleveland tonight, but Atlanta and Dallas are both available on waivers. If TY is out, isn’t Dallas a solid play on D/ST? Or do I stick with Denver? (I don’t have to drop Denver, as I have LAC to drop, and I can pick up ATL or Dallas - I was holding LAC for next week against Baltimore, but Denver plays Oak, Dallas plays NYJ, I think, and who cares who ATL plays).
  7. Ezekiel Elliott 2018 Outlook

    I had the number 3 draft position, and I was going to draft DJ if he fell to me. Thankfully, he went at 2, and Zeke came to me...
  8. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Janikowski to get 30. That's only 6 50+ yard FG - totally doable...
  9. Waiver pickup this week- 100% WHIR

    Thanks for mine. Selfishly, since I have Hooper, I wan Sanu to not do well, but he's probably the best of the bunch. But I do think the Jets will eventually see what they have in McGuire and let him loose. It think either is a good play over Reynolds.
  10. Did you stick with the Titans?
  11. 12-team PPR league. Current starters are Zeke/CMC at RB and AB at WR1. Lost Sanders (boo). Need WR2 and Flex. Options are: WR: Gordon, Pettis, Reynolds RB: Ware, Carson Thoughts? Thanks, and WHIR.
  12. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I'm back on this hype train after losing Emmanuel Sanders. C'mon Gordon! Get me that BOOM!!! At least I can't choose the wrong WR this week (unless Reynolds outscores JG or AB). Seriously, though, without Howard, I see at least a solid game, 12-15 PPR points with the chance for more. I'd be happy with that.
  13. I see what you're saying, but I disagree. I think Rivers has really missed a solid TE, and at $6 for a premium position, that's a steal. Jones at $22 is good, but also high relative to Kamara at $16 and Lindsay at $6. Adams at $26 is a bargain, too. I might also trade a couple of these guys for Thielen at $20 to a team lacking keepers. The bigger issue, though, is that I have PLENTY of RB, but I'm lacking at TE. I could drop Ware and never miss him. The truth is I probably won't play him. That's why I'm considering him. But again, I see your point.
  14. 16-team PPR auction draft keeper league, very short benches, can keep up to 4 players next year (I've included next year's keeper cost of the $200 budget for my potential keeper picks, in case that factors in to the decision). There are only 4 bench spots, no IR slot, but I really want to keep Hunter Henry, who will only be $6 next year. With that, my options are: RB: Ware, Michel ($11) TE: Brate (but he's my only other active TE, so I'd prefer to keep him for if/when Conner returns); Hunter Henry (see above). My other RB/WR/Flex are Kamara ($16), A. Jones ($22), P. Lindsay ($6), D. Adams ($26), A. Cooper ($40), and J. Gordon ($16). I know it's a lot of variables while still trying to win this year. That's why I'm stuck. My gut feeling is to actually drop Ware, which seems weird, but I have great RB depth, both for this year and as keepers for next year, but I also don't want to leave him on WW because he could come back to bite me next week (assuming I win). I'm dropping my kicker for the time being, but that will only postpone this decision. Thanks, and WHIR.
  15. Two PPR leagues, one FAAB, the other not: 12-team league: I have Brate or Hooper at TE. Do I try for Samuels to put in over them at TE (I have Zeke/CMC at RB, and Ware, Carson, or Josh Gordon at Flex)? It's straight waivers, and I have 5th spot. Two playoff-bound teams have higher priority, so may take him first. 16-team league: I have Brate at TE and $51 left of my $100 FAAB. I believe the guy with $47 will also bid, and likely bid everything for him (he has Burton and Reed at TE). Do I essentially blow my wad and spend the rest of my FAAB for a potentially 1-week TE fill? Thanks, and WHIR