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  1. I think (aka hope) he has a big game when they go up big on Miami and rest Michel/White. Miami won't put up much of a fight. Also, I'm not sure I have a choice but to start him since I have Mixon and Carson as my starters and Guice, Mattison, and now Burkhead (WW pickup) on my bench. If Mixon can't go, I have to roll with Burkhead and hope for the best (I may do that anyway).
  2. Similar boat. I had 4th...guess who was 3rd. 12-team PPR league. What's worse is that I had Dak and Watkins sitting on my bench instead of Russell Wilson and Fuller. Ouch.
  3. League 1 (PPR): Fuller + 11 to beat Kamara League 2 (PPR): Lindsay + Kamara to beat Jared Cook + McManus + 2. So, essentially I’m hoping for big days from Lindsay and Fuller and not much from Kamara and Cook.
  4. Yeah, I debated over the WR decision (for my Flex). Ended up going Fuller b/c of Jax corners. Won’t fault myself for the Russ over Dak choice. Still hurts though. Especially because I also chose Mixon instead of Cook in the draft. That’s the one draft choice I wish I could have back (I was saying that before today, so it’s not just based on the games today; I’m actually very happy with my draft otherwise). Now or I just have to hope that Fuller and a 10 point cushion can be enough to hold off Kamara in a PPR league.
  5. Started Russell Wilson over Dak Prescott. Also started Will Fuller over Sammy Watkins.
  6. Absolutely do Ekeler and Shepard. Thanks for mine.
  7. Bump. Anyone else have a strong (or not strong) opinion?
  8. Given that it’s a very deep keeper, I doubt he’d be willing to sell too low on Gordon. Maybe if you offered him Kerryon and one of your WR2? You could also consider offering Guice since he’s got AP, but I like Guice’s future a lot more than Kerryon. Thanks for mine.
  9. I’m at a loss here. 12-team PPR league. I have the option of either double-letter initialed TE. Who would you rather have: HH or EE?
  10. But where? I reached for him at 6.1 in a 12-team PPR league. I may have been able to get him at the next turn 23 picks later, but he may not have been there, and RB were becoming scarce.
  11. 3rd round isn't "reaching" anymore. His 4th round ADP is only there because it used to be in the 5th or 6th. It's been steadily climbing for the past two weeks. When I drafted last weekend, his ADP was in the 5th, so the fact that it's up to the 4th now tells you that he's being drafted in the 3rd pretty regularly.
  12. Honestly, I'm not sure what else to say other than to look at the stats (which was already done, but I'll do it a bit more in depth). On a per game basis, Mixon was 3rd with 83.43 RushYds/game on about 17 attempts/game. Of players with more than 100 rush attempts, 6 of the top 10 RuYds/Attempt were in the AFC, and Mixon (4.93 yards/attempt) would not be in the top 10, actually (he was number 11, just behind CMC, who was 10, and ahead of D. Henry at 12). When you increase to 150 attempts, again, 6 of the top 10 were in the AFC, and this time, Mixon was 7th. If you look at Rush Attempts per game, Mixon led the AFC and was 4th in the league. So, from a pure rushing and "attempts" standpoint, Mixon is right up there with the best of them, either in the AFC or NFC. The problem is in a PPR setting or when looking at scoring. Since Cincy is not great, Mixon won't have many opportunities to score, and they don't pass to him a whole lot. That is where the biggest improvement would have to be in order for Mixon to join the elite RB1 category. That likely won't happen. But he could be a MGIII or DJ (from past years) if he can do that (and Cincy allows him to). For fantasy purposes, when looking at actual numbers, in PPR through Week 16 (when many leagues have their championship due to the potential irrelevance of week 17) of the 2018 season, Mixon ranked 10th in total points even though he only played 13 games to that point (he was still 10th through the whole season). Interestingly, 5 of the top 10 RBs in PPR points were in the AFC. 11 of the top 20 were AFC. 17 of the top 30. In Standard scoring, again, 5 of the top 10 were AFC, but only 10 of the top 20 (still 1/2), 16 of top 30. So, you can say all you want that "AFC RBs sucked last year," but the numbers don't bear that out. I'll give you that the NFC guys were better for fantasy purposes, in part because I don't think there's as much depth of talent in the NFC. There are more 3-down RBs in the NFC, so you get more out of them. There is also more talent at the top, I'll give you that (can't even claim Bell sitting hurt the AFC because Conner was great). But to say they "sucked" is oversimplifying. There are more 3rd down COP RBs in the AFC. Okay, enough from me. Your move.
  13. I agree with everyone saying Carson in the 3rd isn't really a reach anymore. My reach was for Derrius Guice in the 6th. I think he'll be really good a few weeks in. There were some other RB left that I could have taken (and one I should have, but didn't see him there - skipped right over Miles Sanders), but I passed over Lamar Miller (pre-injury), Tarik Cohen, Latavius, Drake, and Ekeler, who, including Sanders, were all drafted between when I chose Guice and when I came up again at the turn nearly two rounds later (I had the 12th position in a 12-team league). Could have also gotten Duke, but he was still there when I came up again and didn't get him.
  14. Like you, I'm worried about your depth, and that actually goes for every position. Your starting team is great, but you can't really handle much injury. Shepard is an okay WR/Flex fill-in, but it's iffy at best. Hopefully you can pluck a RB off waivers for depth. Again, though, rock solid starting group.
  15. I think you have to go Conner. Thanks for mine.