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  1. emails sent to everyone in here so far. will post leaguesafe in a little bit for everyone to pay!
  2. Money will be kept in leaguesafe with majority vote! Once league fills ills I will use fftoolbox to randomize draft order and it automatically sends and email out to everyone
  3. I have an ESPN league snake draft that will be drafting tonight at 10pm Est. Scoring be typical ppr scoring! Hit me with your emails for invites! Payout will be to only 1st and 2nd place. 1-Qb 2- rb 2-wr 1-te 2-flex 1-def 1-kicker 7-bench 2-IR Payout: 1st- 400 2nd- 80
  4. this is a snake league! we are full! everyone check league email for leaguesafe info!
  5. league has filled! everyone use leaguesafe link in league to pay then we set draft time!