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  1. 12 team, ppr, espn, snake redraft 1qb 2wr 2rb 2flex 1te 1def 1kicker 7benfh 2ir ** won’t be using leaguesafe due to fact that it’s a local league at home and need replacements. Can use PayPal,Venmo, cashapp or whatever.(you won’t be beat for money... payouts happen 100% just need some trust)
  2. need 2 willing to join and pay right now! draft is open!
  3. league needs 2 more then we open draft room! lets fill!
  4. We’re about to be full trust me. Just stay and we’ll be drafting within the hour
  5. My bad payouts are: 1- 600 2- 120 who still needs invite!?
  6. $60 ESPN - 12 Team - Snake - 1 PPR - 2 FLEX - FAAB 100% payout (Leagusafe) $600 1st | $`120 2nd Roster: 1 QB| 2 RB| 2 WR| 1 TE| 2Flex| 1 K| 1 DEF| 7 Bench| 2 IR| I am open to adjusting any settings as needed so let me know. Drafting once league fills! https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=94295030&inviteId=72c12ae5-b393-42d5-87e2-56f880030718
  7. You guys should come join my league! We have about 5 that have paid ready to go
  8. Draft will be about an hour after it fills. Hoping to start no later than 6pm est. will be on ESPN