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  1. Servais basically just said he’d be up “soon”, but never gave any exact timetable. Seattle beat reporters seem to think he’ll be up this week, mostly because they’re only carrying three actual outfielders right now. That can’t hold up all that long.
  2. I don’t really know much about Woodward, but from what all the beat writers are saying, it sounds pretty clear he’s sticking with him at least for now. If I had any shares of him, I’d keep him on the bench and see if he figures it out. Rangers already invested in him and know what he’s capable of, so they’ll give him every chance to get himself straightened out. That being said, he looked horrendous.
  3. Even if he is tipping his pitches, it’s probably bad intel. Not like he had any idea where they were going.
  4. I guess Buck Martinez mentioned Giles had a sore back and was treating it with a heating pad. No clue on severity.
  5. Lotta snark here. Barnes started warming with a man in scoring position and 1 out. Eddy was toast. He was hitting 94-95 earlier and was barely getting by at 90-91. Every pitch was down 3-5 mph and it was clear he was done. Had Cora mystically predicted a home run, Barnes wouldn’t have been the choice. It was looking like a huge point in the game and potentially the “fire”. After the home run, would you rather sit Barnes down and be like “hey man never mind, there was a home run so don’t bother”? As for, any reliever should be able to get these guys out...there’s two relievers in the bullpen they trust. Barnes and brasier. That’s literally it. They let thornburg take the ninth when they were up by 4 and he was horrible. Oh and there isn’t much difference 1-9 in the Orioles batting order. It’s equally bad throughout. That was looking to be the biggest moment of the game, and the last week or so, Barnes has started warming when things don’t look good
  6. He was injured throughout spring training. He has been throwing with one of their minor league teams in Arizona for the last week and a half or so, but that’s been it.
  7. Agreed. He was so bad that even if he miraculously converted the save, I was going to cut bait in my leagues. He didn’t look like he had a single pitch he could throw for a strike. He threw 3 strikes. One was a swing, the other two were outside the strike zone and called strikes pretty generously. Eck mentioned that while he was warming up, he didn’t throw any strikes either. No idea who they go to next. Maybe Rosscup, but waiting on Swarzak might be their plan at this point. Strick will be put a long while, so someone will have a chance to run with the job
  8. This kid is absolutely painful to watch. Edit: yanked after his third walk.
  9. And FWIW, after he put the second guy on, it was Nick Rumbelow warming. Also his defense is killing him.
  10. If he blows it, I’ll also be booing lol
  11. FYI that is from a Providence Journal writer I follow on Twitter. I believe they said Wednesday the plan was for Brasier to pitch Friday, so just a work management thing.
  12. I’m in Massachusetts about an hour from Boston myself. Eck and Remy are great, but Dombrowski has been on WEEI in spring training talking up how similar Barnes season was to Kimbrel, just thinks he was unlucky. If you dive past the ERA and WHIP, they were more comparable than I give Barnes credit for. Barnes actually had a better FIP, XFIP, bb/9, and k/9. Red Sox love their stats and I genuinely believe they see Barnes as the successor. The underlying stats seem to support that. Id see them announcing it as a committee way before they commit to Brasier over Barnes. Again, Barnes could blow up early and get yanked for the job, but he’s the favorite by a mile. Also for anyone that thinks Eovaldi, is coming out of the pen, zero shot. They paid him big money to start and we need him there.
  13. I would be absolutely stunned if Brasier was named the opening day closer. Every indication from listening to the ST games and talk radio around here is that Barnes gets the first crack at it. Whether Barnes is still closing on May 1st is a totally different story.
  14. It was McCarron and Cyrus Jones all preseason. Think Braxton Berrios filled in a bit too. Problem is, none of those 3 are on the 53 man roster anymore. Feeling around here is that Patterson will handle kickoffs for sure, but when Edelman is back they’ll probably mix him in on punt returns with Amendola gone.