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  1. h2h total points I should mention. check out the forum. Need 1 more quality GM!!!!!
  2. Realized the link to the manifesto is not working. Try this: http://dropthepuck.forumakers.com/f9-league-manifesto still 2 spots left!!
  3. 12 teams – 25 players (10 bench, 2 goalie, 4 D, 2 LW, 2 RW, 2 C, 3 FWDS) We are looking for only quality (experienced/active) GMs to add to our great league. You won’t find a better group of dedicated fantasy hockey GMs as we have in our league! 189 trades in under 3 years!! As well as we take so much pride in how the league is run. It is through ESPN but we also have a forum which is where we make general posts, trades, trade history, and league history/records. Here is a link to the manifesto which is located on the forum - http://dropthepuck.forumakers.com/f9-league-manifesto We are replacing 4 teams (2 no longer had the time, 2 did not meet basic league activity expectations – outlined in manifesto). The 4 new GMs will complete a mini draft (up to 12 keepers, 3 prospects, snake) from the 4 teams being replaced to determine the new additions to EFKL (Elite Fantasy Keeper League). There are some absolute studs available to draft to your team which we can send you if you are interested. This mini draft allows you to put your mark on your team right out of the gate. Please make sure you read the manifesto in full before responding as it goes over settings, and league expectations. Please email us at bjlaw88@gmail.com AND jsanders76@hotmail.com if you are interested in becoming a committed GM for the long term. Thank you! Brandon and Jarrett
  4. thanks for everyone's interest. we have decided to hold off until the end of the season before replacing the owner. if you feel this league is right for you starting in April, you can still send me an email and give me some info about you and we will be sure to circle back. thanks!
  5. team has won 2 in a row! 3-5 and tied for last playoff spot. 4th place right now in league is 4-4 so not out of it. looking for a replacement still!
  6. you can check out the forum with that link as well, however the main thread is not public - fyi
  7. 12 team – 25 players (10 bench, 2 goalie, 4 d, 2lw, 2rw, 2c, 3 forwards) Keep 12 + up to 3 additional prospect slots This aint your average keeper league. This is one of the most active leagues you will find. 167 trades in 2.25 years!!!!! Check out our very detailed manifesto, lots of thought went into league setup. http://dropthepuck.forumakers.com/t2-league-manifesto email bjlaw88@gmail.com if interested, with your fantasy hockey experience/knowledge and I will email you the team. The team is off to a rough 1-5 start but have some nice keepers! i.e. Tavares, Drisitil, Forsberg, Drouin, Hischier, Tkachuck, Werenski, Hellebuyck. We also a December mini draft coming up with free agents (see manifesto for details). This team is situated nicely with picks. We only want active gms, that are committed to this league for the long term. We use a separate forum for the message board/trade talk/league history... Everyone checks the forum usually daily or every other day, and are prompt with returning private messages (as will you be expecting too). Thanks!!!
  8. not 100 but very competitive and guys that are in it for the long-term!