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  1. This went down in my dynasty PPR league Fournette and Antonio Brown For AJ Green, David Montgomery, Matt Breida
  2. I would be getting Kamara. I just want to present a fair value. Kamara owner has a good team but injuries have plague he/she and appears looking for the future. They are hurting at WR. If I land Karama I would pair him with Zeke and have a pretty nice 1-2 punch. thanks for the input
  3. I was in 8 leagues this year. Won 4 and placed 2nd in 3 of them.
  4. Did it work? For the last 3 years me and my boss shared a team in our company league. I just went to his house and drafted on my name but curious if I could do it and him be on as well
  5. In my 12 Rivers, Winston, Carr Allen, Darnold are a few that are on WW.
  6. Curious how the Arizona DC is playing TE for you.
  7. Last year I said the same about Bell. Someone took Conner from me
  8. This is the 3rd year of this 12 team league and I have finished in top of scoring the last two year but have not won the championship. As you will see not much on waiver wires due to the large bench sports. What moves if any shall I make? QB Brees, Wilson, Murray, Garoppolo RB Zeke, D Freeman, K Johnson, D Montgomery, Drake, Breida, Guice, Pollard WR Adams, Allen, Lockett, AJ Green, R Anderson, DJ Moore TE Ertz, Njoku K Butker Def Chargers I don’t like carrying 4 qbs and really don’t see a point but not sure what to do.