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  1. Matter if fact we do need 1 replacement owner for a team that consists of: Patrick Beverley Dion Waiters LeBron James Ben Simmons Al Horford Marcus Smart Caris LeVert Richaun Holmes Dirk Nowitzki Wille Reed Anyone interested please respond
  2. Didn't check in until now but I will have you know that AD is up and running excellently with all the owners that expressed interest in this thread. Go find something better to do with your time bud.
  3. your team is 1st overall: Giannis 2nd round and 3rd round picks b2b and you're OTC Any interest?
  4. FREE NBA 30 team ESPN + Proboards contract dynasty league will be having a 10 round draft and subsequent free agency to establish rosters. Initial snake draft (draft positions will be randomized) will include players' current IRL contract. We will be using this scoring format: Points (PTS): 1 Defensive Rebounds (DREB): 1.5 Offensive Rebounds (OREB): 2 Assists (AST): 2 Steals (STL) :2.5 Blocks (BLK): 2.5 Turnovers (TO): -1 3-Pointers Made (3PTM): 1 Field Goals Made (FGM): 0.5 Field Goals Attempted (FGA): -0.5 Free Throws Made (FTM): 1 Free Throws Attempted (FTA): -1 A made 3PT shot will be worth 4 total fantasy points (3 points = 3 fantasy points, 3PTM = 1 fantasy point). A missed FG will be worth -0.5 fantasy points, a made FG will be worth 2-4 total fantasy points, depending on the type of FGA. A missed FT will be worth -1 fantasy point, a made FT will be worth 1 total fantasy point. Player Rankings Here Reply to this post with the username you used to register for the forum, and you will be approved very shortly after! Please note: IP checks will be run on all new members, please do not attempt to sign up for multiple teams because you WILL be kicked in a matter of minutes. SIGN UP HERE