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  1. It seems Magic or should I say LBJ just found any 2 for 1 deal out there so Melo can come in. Nothing is new, Lebron playing the GM. Zubac is key part for them. If they can sign a max player this off-season, they need these players who are still under rookie contracts to complete the roster. THis is such a dumb move
  2. No respect from the refs too. During the 4th quarter, he got hacked by Nurkic in 2 different possessions both no foul called.
  3. Yeah no love at all. Before he was called overrated, before he won the MVPs, then called a choker in the finals. Now he is officially underappreciated, heck Luka also got more votes in the ASG than Curry!
  4. Suns need to make a move, and trade for Terry Rozier. Offer a nice young player and a protected round 1 pick for Rozier. It's a pity, I've seen so many games where Ayton dominates the first half, then his teammates just completely ignore and forget about him in the 2nd half.
  5. Luka is very very good, but also over-hyped in fantasy. NBA has their social media accounts man crushing all over Luka, that's why he is going to start the All-Star game. For fantasy purposes, Ayton is ranked much higher than Luka- this while playing without a true PG who can get him the ball consistently. and JJJ is also ranked higher than him despite the much lower mins and usage rate. Luka is special, will make many All NBA teams, but he is also being shoved down our throats too much
  6. So Curry has hit double digit 3s in 2 out of his last 4 games, but last update to this thread was from 3 weeks ago. Underappreciated, and now underrated.
  7. Come on Spo, at least play whiteside so you can increase his trade value!
  8. Actually yes. Maybe that's why Gentry decided to start Randle instead of Mirotic to preserve AD from banging bodies with real NBA centers
  9. added Derrick Jones Jr. in 16 tam league. 5th straight game with 20 plus minutes. Finished the game for the Heat in a relatively close game today. If he can get 25 minutes, he has the chance to put up 1.5 spg and 1.5 bpg.
  10. I wasn't expecting top 50 value when I picked him up in round 9 or 10, but after a very promising start, my hopes were high.
  11. just can't seem to be consistent. he will throw in 2 good games then follow it up with 3 or 4 absolute stinkers!
  12. could be, but not buying this new diagnosis. and even if he does return better, he is not gonna be a game changer in fantasy after Sixers got Jimmy Buckets
  13. yeah but bummer because us who drafted him were expecting top 50 value even if he was drafted late because he played so well early. just thinking positive, he might not return top 50 value but at least still higher than his ADP
  14. Spo is a good coach, and Whiteside got benched several times last year for lack of effort, but tonight was SPo being stubborn. No reason why Whiteside should be benched in that 4th quarter after a great game