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  1. The lack of blocks? I think he has zero blocks in 4 games. SOme may think this is nitpicking, but at where he is being drafted he has to produce in blocks. Because if he is not gonna be a factor in 3pm, bad FT% he has to make up for it in blocks as a PF. One thing is sure, he will be a beast in FG%. I would be williong to draft him late 3rd, but not 2nd to early 3rd. I still think he is being over drafted because of the "fun" factor of watching player you own dominate instagram highlights
  2. Real nice player to stash but here's the thing, this is NOP's rotation as it stands Lonzo, Jrue. Reddick, Josh Hart. so NAW is 5th in the depth chart. If NOP struggles then the better chance for NAW to produce. Because if New orleans is in playoff contention, they will not trade Jrue or Reddick.
  3. Caris Levert, not sure if he still qualifies as a sleeper. But I keep saying this, he will be an All-Star this year if Nets play well and contender for MIP award. D'loading was getting all the attention for Nets last season, but Levert was the best player for them before getting hurt and once again against the 76ers during the playoffs
  4. You draft Isaac for the huge upside in 3s, steals and blocks. If he can score 15ppg that's an added bonus. He will also average good rebounds
  5. isn't he going to be ready to start the year? here we go again, get ready for a roller coaster ride and countless locker room visits
  6. I would take the under on 60 games. GOnna be a long year for PG owners
  7. Al Horford is a nice pick round 5 round 6, because Embiid will be sitting games.
  8. proving me wrong, he is looking good. But ADP still high for my taste
  9. I would rank them Butler, Kawhi, PG13, Kyrie, RWB. Most guys here are going to get load management treatment, Butlet the only one who is safe, so Kawhi is a better pick than any of them sicne they will get DNPs too anyway
  10. Wasn't high on Sexton, but upon checking he is still very young and was hitting 2 3pm on a regular basis since All Star Break. the 3s are still there too so far in the preseason. He will be a good pick round 10 onwards for points because he can score more than 20ppg. If he can just get 4apg and 0.8 spg, he will be very nice value
  11. Well said, the dude is amazing and hard to find someone like him. My main issue with him is his INSANE ADP!! In my drafts (re-drafts), he has been picked as early as late round 2, and latest early round 4. With so many safer options available, no chance I am picking him. I would consider him round 5, but I he will never slide down that far. He will be great for FG% and Points steals, but his FT% is bad, he will not give you 3s too. Hard to see how he can live up to his current ADP. In dynasty drafts, i have no problems going with Zion in round 2 if you want to roll the dice since people will definitely reach for him
  12. The earlier they reach the better for me. I have no plans to draft Zion is first 3 rounds anyway. Now he probably goes round 2. No thanks! If people reach for him, gives me a better chance to draft the guys I want to fall down to me!
  13. Okay, I bet most guys don't have time to analyze all the crazy numbers %s being posted in here. Let's just all agree that Ayton is going to be real good. Whether it's 50% FG or 58%FG, as long as he can get the blocks up to even 1.2bpg, i'm all good
  14. Beware!! Everyone's favorite fantasy savior and Coach Spo's golden child will spoil this- Dion Waiters. I have no idea why this guy continues to get huge minutes for the Heat whenever he is healthy.
  15. nice to see him back, but poor efficiency. wouldn't put too much into any preseason games. Still the concern with KP is he is already going to miss at least 15-20 games due to Load Management. that gives you 60-65 games at best, and he will get more DNPs if he gets minor injuries here and there. So I think owners would be lucky to get 60 games out of Kristaps.