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  1. WR1 numbers potentially rest of season. And it pains for me to say it as I lost to a team this week that had Cooper as his WR1.
  2. Brady, Fournette, Cook, Keenan Allen, Thielen, Josh Gordon, Ertz versus Tannehill, Mixon, Gus Edwards, Landry, Boyd, Amari Cooper, and Vance McDonald. You know which side you'd rather have...and probably know why I'm in this thread and which side I had. Down 73 points from the afternoon games. And like many, lost to the lowest seed in the playoffs cause of Cooper.
  3. Okay, I would grab Jeff Wilson on the WW. If Melvin is out, start Jackson. If Melvin is playing (for whatever reason) - start Wilson.
  4. I would start Edwards over Ware. Matchup based. Ravens are basically a run first team with Jackson at the helm. Help?
  5. Safer play is Gordon...unfortunately the Chargers play the afternoon game right? What're your options between Jackson for afternoon games?
  6. I would drop Golladay. You should be deciding between Gordon or Boyd rest of season if you wanted a 3rd WR in the flex. Help?
  7. I'd go for Jeff Wilson...looking like he'll be the leadback while Samuels might be stuck in a committee. Help?
  8. Johnson, Ingram, and Ware. Don't overthink it. Help?
  9. Yeah, he started Chris Conley last week. Team 2 has the lowest amounts PF going into the playoffs (like 120+ points less than everyone). While everyone else is around each other
  10. I would stay with your lineup. Because it's PPR Cohen probably gets the start over Ware for me. Golladay might get the Patrick Peterson treatment, so I wouldn't be opposed to starting Gordon over him...but Gordon's target share is decreasing atm. Stay the course with your starters so far. Help?
  11. Ingram, the Saints are going to come out and just steamroll the Bucs. Help?
  12. I would stay with your current starters. If you wanted to switch out Michel and Ware I wouldn't be opposed to that, but I think Michel is a better play than Ware strictly on matchup (hopefully Develin doesn't steal anymore td's from anyone). Help?
  13. In My Order: 1. Landry 2. Ekeler 3. Humphries Waiting for reports on Gordon returning or possibly Justin Jackson starting. If Gordon isn't playing I'd move Ekeler up the list, but Landry is the safer play. Start Ware as an RB2. Help?
  14. My league is a 16 team, 2 QB, Standard Scoring league. Our league decided that the top seed in each playoff round gets to decide who they want to play the next round. Out of the 3 teams I'm playing, who should I play against and hope karma doesn't strike me down? (Looking to identify the weakest team or who has the lowest floor) To start my team: QB and QB2 - Brady and Josh Rosen RB - Fournette, Cook WRS- Keenan Allen, Thielen, Josh Gordon TE - Ertz K - Butker DEF - TEN Titans And now the starting lineups for teams I can choose to face: Team 1: QBs: Cam and Tannehill RB's: Mixon and Gus Edwards **Melvin Gordon if he comes back WR: Landry, Cooper, Tyler Boyd TE: Vance McDonald K - Badgley DEF - Bills Team 2: QBs: Wentz and Watson RBs: Howard and David Johnson WR: Hilton, Cooks, Sammy Watkins TE: Kittle K: Elliott DEF: Chargers Team 3: QBs: Wilson and Cousins RBs: Spencer Ware and Peyton Barber WRs: Michael Thomas, Diggs, and Scantling TE: Herndon or Everett K: Fairbairn DEF: Bears Which team should I decide to play? (Through regular settings, 3 vs 6 seed, I'm supposed to play team 1). Please leave a link.
  15. Hmm...wonder how the NFL is going to react to this.