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  1. Matt Boyd 2018 Outlook

    I’ve heard his name quite a bit lately so I took a look at the numbers. And they scream regression to me. .132 BABIP 98.2% LOB That alone is enough for me to walk away. Throw in his lowly 5.12 K/9 along with a poor batted ball profile (25.5 GB%, 61.8% FB) and you get someone who’s very soon to be completely non-rosterable in all but the deepest of leagues.
  2. Can you send me some additional details as well? Thanks
  3. Matt Olson 2017 Outlook

    Bummer. Props to the kid for helping me to the 'ship. Hoping he picks up where he left off next season
  4. 9/24 - GAME DAY THREAD

  5. Head 2 head playoff updates.

    Love this idea. Will be recommending this change in the offseason
  6. Head 2 head playoff updates.

    Anything more nerve wrecking than a 2 week H2H championship?
  7. Gibson @ DET We doin this fam?
  8. Wong or Cesar Hernandez

    Cesar. Wong's counting stats are down due to placement in that STL lineup. Also, Cesar has been on a tear since returning from the DL
  9. Turner Goldy Syndergaard Bellinger Lamb
  10. Parra, D Santana, E Rosario ROS?

    I'd definitely stick with Santana
  11. Help with my SPers

    I'd drop Marquez for Ryu
  12. Brandon Belt help please

    Belt will play every day when he returns and Baez will be relegated to spot starting again when Russell is back, so it's tough. It probably depends on how much help you need at MI and who you have as your 1B/OF replacement for Belt
  13. Drop which two SP WHIR

    Castillo Lopez