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  1. Hi everyone,I have a 2nd year league that is comprised of 4 divisions (4 separate leagues) and they are all made up of a different player pool for each division (1 league is just metro players, 1 league is just atlantic, etc. etc.). It is a 24 team league that needs about 3-4 owners, possibly 5.Every league is 6 teams and the winner of each league will face off in a memorial cup style tournament (all 4 division winners play a round robin and then semis, then finals)Rosters are 16 players (6 F, 4 D, 1 FLEX, and A TEAM GOALIE POSITION) *Team goalie is used because in a singular division player pool league there are not enough goalies to go around.It is a H2H most categories is a win league (G, A, BLK, GWG, Hits, PIMS, SOG, Special Team Points, GAA, Shutouts, SV%, Wins)Buy-in is $20 and I am looking for 3 or 4 owners (possibly 5). Upon joining you will need to pay, and then once I fill the 24 teams, the draw for which division you receive will take place, and then I will add you into a separate league for your division and once that happens the 6 members of your league can decide on a draft date/time (3rd or 4th week of September). Once the finals tournament starts, it all happens in the main league in which you pay in.Feel free to email me for more info as I have probably left some things out brettc16@hotmail.com. If there is more interest than the 3-4 teams that I need I will try and put you on a wait list or something should anything happen to an already existing owner.Thanks
  2. Fantrax - Giannis Trade Giannis is expiring in my keeper league and I need to trade him by March 2nd deadline We get 3 keepers and I am going to keep Ben and Clint Are there any players I should target for their playoff schedule? Haven't really decided if I want to trade for a good keeper (push Clint out if needed) or just a haul for my fantasy playoffs (March 17th and on)? What sort of deal should I aim for considering I could ask for the world?! Draft pick trading is also doable
  3. ALSO: I would explore getting local businesses to come in and donate prizes, etc. so people aren't exactly winning $ at the end of leagues (the whole game of skill or luck debate)
  4. **Ontario, Canada** Does anyone know the legalities that would come into play if I were to get local sports teams/schools involved in fantasy sports as a fundraiser and take a cut of the $ for running and organizing the leagues? Would I need to speak to the platform the leagues are run on? I have an incredible passion for fantasy and sports as a whole and am a Sport Management grad so I have the passion and expertise going for myself to justify knowing more about this topic than most people who are looking into fundraising for their sports team/company, etc. Thanks in advance for any opinions/ideas/help!!
  5. Would like to keep roto though although definitely a good idea... think I may just go with AVG and then OPS!!
  6. Using AVG and OBP in a roto league is just completely dumb though correct? Kinda just gives double value to getting on base?
  7. Yeah I figured it would probably just be mostly weird to use something like wOBA as its more of an underlying metric that comes from performance of other real stats
  8. Looking to use wOBA in my roto league this year as it seems to be the most accurate representation of combining OBP and AVG in a way. I looked into it and the OBP player ranks to wOBA don't really seem to change, and in a roto league that would use AVG AND OBP (yes redundant I know) nothing else seems to change either. Anyone have any thoughts as to if this is a good idea or not?
  9. $10 entry - BEST BALL SYSTEM USED, money is paid through Fantrax Treasurer20 roster spots... super flex (all hitter spots are utility and all pitcher spots are SP/RP)If you're not familiar with best ball the system essentially takes your best team per week specified by how many slots you choose to count each weekYour best 8 hitters per period are taken, your best 4 pitchers per period are takenPretty generic points systemPeriods will be WC + Div rounds, then AL/NLCS then WSDraft will most likely be Sunday Sept 30th or whenever the teams are setemail me: brettc16@hotmail.com
  10. Looking to make 4 leagues where each league contains the players of a single division, those 4 league winners would play in a Memorial Cup style playoff at the end of the season... 6 teams in each league given the shallow-ness of each division.. you will be randomly placed in a division (league) to ensure fairnessH2H - most categories is a winPrizes for each division winner and overall prize for 'memorial cup' winnerbuy-in $20**Considering the scarcity of goalies in a league where players from only 7-8 teams are used, the 'team goalie' roster position will be used. I know there is enough goalies to roster a league, but this ensures you don't miss out on a backup if and when injuries occur"email me if interested.......... brettc16@hotmail.com
  11. H2H 8x8 Fantrax Leaguesafe $20 Looking to do 4 divisions of 4 to make 16 teams (will run multiple leagues if this thing gains any traction) Take a look around!! any questions: brettc16@hotmail.com https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=ga8l4b8zje63u8p9&isSubmit=y
  12. 28th of February I should probably add lol****
  13. This link to join should work!! Take a look around League Join URL (copy & paste this to use): https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=dl7tqtdbjdpaw8fy&isSubmit=y
  14. Sorry guys just wanted to get an idea of how many people would be possibly interested!! I didnt have any settings made up when I wrote this but, first thing's first: **$20 ENTRY** The premium feature on Fantrax to use Salaries has been waived, so no worries about paying for premium share(s) I've noticed some differences between USA Today, and Spotrac, but that after the fact that I have used Spotrac. - Undecided on team amount although I currently have in 16 and am cool with that - Draft will need to be done by the 28th as a league member is going on vacation, no date set yet though - 25 rounds - 19 active, 6 bench, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 3OF, 1 UTIL, 5SP, 3RP - 8x8 most categories a win - AVG/OBP/TB/SB/H/R/RBI/HR + STARTER** Wins/QS/IP/(K/BB)/ERA/HOLDS/SAVES/WHIP - Currently have cap at $175M but am still playing with it - $100 season-long FAAB for free agents (this does nothing to their salary when a bid is won)
  15. Anyone down to try an experiment like this? Would be players average annual salary (not base, not cap hit, excluding bonuses etc.) would also NOT be a duplicate player league and would be a snake draft while also staying under budget