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  1. Several different H2H leagues forming on various platforms and with various league settings. Send me your email if you would like more info and/or would like to be considered. Leagues will be $50 using Leaguesafe. Himee68@yahoo.com Dave
  2. Thinking a slow draft during July. We’ll be using Fantrax...
  3. 12 Man H2H Superflex PPR league forming. $40 dues using Leaguesafe. We will have 19 spots to fill using $200 (auction budgets). Here’s the kicker......each team only gets ONE free agent acuisition per season. Lots of strategy needed here! Do you draft 2 kickers? Can you get through the season with only 19 roster spots? When do you use your free agent aquisition?! Looking forward to this league! Drafting in late July!!! Himee68@yahoo for more info...
  4. I’d like to start a new H2H 12 man superflex PPR auction league ($40 Leaguesafe). The twist here is there would be only 1 FA aquisition per team per season. Lots more strategizing here! Do you need to draft 2 kickers? Do you need to draft an extra defense? I think it would be a fun concept. Let me know if you might be interested. Auction draft on Yahoo... Himee68@yahoo.com if you are interested.
  5. Snake draft on Yahoo. No players can be kept from rounds 1-5. This team can keep Edwin Daiz in the 7th round OR Albies in the 9th. 7x7 scoring. $35 Leaguesafe. We’re drafting Sunday, March 17th at 8:30 pm Central. Himee68@yahoo for more info...
  6. Team 3 still available. Now offerring both 2019 and 2020 free with 2021 deposit.
  7. Drawig for draft order on Friday. Nice long relaxing slow draft starts a week after that. 5x5 scoring each team keeps any 5 players. 2 spots remaining! Himee68@yahoo for more info
  8. Snake draft (slow draft starting soon) on Fantrax. $40 Leaguesafe 5x5 scoring as follows... R HR RBI AVG SB W K ERA WHIP SV C 1B 2B 3B SS OF OF OF Utl. SP SP SP RP RP P P P 8 BN 2 DL 32 min innings per week 1 Win (no points) 6-4 score at weeks end counts as 1 Win. A 5-5 scoring tie by weeks end would count as 1 tie. Top 6 go to playoffs with top 2 receiving bye weeks. $40 goes to 7th place team. Tie breaker is reg season record against opponent followed by AVG during match up. $200 1st $175 2nd $125 3rd $100 4th $40 7th Max 3 adds per week. No season max... Teams may keep up to 5 players each or up to 6 if two of those players are prospects (130 AB, 50 MI rule). Players can be kept 3 times. League votes on all payouts and all trades. Himee68@yahoo