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  1. The AD team is no longer available but the other available teams are pretty decent.
  2. Sent emails to the waitlist teams but still need to fill one slot. Post your email if you are interested.
  3. User error previously. Sent over an email instead of Fantrax invite this time.
  4. Sent emails to waittlist owners but no response. One spot open. The team has AD, Randle, Shamet, and pick 13
  5. Invite sent. If anyone else is interested grab a spot on the wait list as one or two teams may come available in the summer.
  6. One more spot available. Team has Luka and #4 pre-lottery pick, Kevin Love, Teague, Rubio, and Kenrich Williams. First to post their email gets the invite
  7. Fantrax 30 team league 10-15 player rosters Real NBA Salaries and real NBA hard salary cap. Free but ask for a donation to premium fee ($2.67 per team) The team has AD, Julius Randle, Tyreke Evans, Landry Shamet, Malik Monk, Isaiah Thomas, and a few others Let me know if you are interested. Only one spot now but more likely to open up this summer.
  8. Post your email and I will send the invite Free on Fantrax (Pemium service on Fantrax is $80, most teams have chipped in more than their share of $2.67, so if you can't afford that it is no big deal) 30 team Dynasty 15 man rosters PG, SG, G, SF, PF, C, F/C, G/F, FLX, FLX 8 Cat, no turnovers Real NBA Salaries(currently it shows last years but I am working to manually update them, I think Fantrax does it in September) Real NBA Salary cap at current figure of 101,689,000 Draft order is a random generated snake. Offline, with post of league forum page. 8 hour clock for picks. Can send potential list of picks to another owner or myself if you think you may miss your pick. If a pick is missed then the next highest rated player, according to Fantrax player score and regardless of salary, auto-selection will not cause a team to go over the cap Trades can be made during the draft. Discussions can happen via PMs on the chat. Basically you just have to keep track of it and propose it after the draft for it to be executed Trade review will be required with 7 veto votes and then a final decision will be made by the 5 person trade committee, appointed at inception and eligible to be changed based on a majority vote Free agents will continuously be on waivers and then on Wednesday and Sunday at 11:59 pm the claims will be processed based on inverse order of standings No penalty for cutting a player Must have at least 10 players to make a starting lineup Seeding tie breaker is H2H record vs tied opponent Playoff tie breaker is highest seed 8 teams make playoffs in each division Playoffs start March 4th and end March 31st