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  1. No a Local one but 75k up top, 40 left of 800, top 80 paid.
  2. Auto pick for code, it’s over the timeline. I’m playing in a poker tournament but if I’ll make a quick pick if someone auto picks
  3. Kevin Durant 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Not for nothing but I think a healthy AD is better than a healthy KD. You really can’t beat his incredible efficiency, rebounds, points, and elite stocks. Plus he plays center which is the scarest position. I think a healthy KD is better than KAT and everyone else though.
  4. Kevin Durant 2018-19 Season Outlook

    In 8 cat yeah.
  5. Kevin Durant 2018-19 Season Outlook

    In roto his missed games don’t matter that much as you stated because he still finished in the top 3. H2H has more variance as all you really care about is games played during the fantasy playoffs, assuming you make the playoffs. If he doesn’t miss games during the fantasy playoffs then whatever he missed during the regular season is basically irrelevant. However, if he has significant rest days during the fantasy playoffs, and that costs you a match then well he should be discounted more than a few spots. As you have no control over rest days I’d say he and Curry are high risk/high reward. That said the only players I would over KD are AD and Towns. An argument can be made that other players could be taken over Durant but any of those players also have some risk of rest days and are worse players. So Durant is third on my board.
  6. 2018 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    Yeah reducing his value by 10% isn’t really going to impact where he’s drafted as he plays most of his minutes at PF. But the front court being a little more crowded is something to be aware of.
  7. 2018 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    That was my thought as well given that he was borderline to begin with. I also think it reduces Collins value by perhaps 10%.
  8. Yeah sucks to carry him with you in a dynasty league and I’ll try to replace him at some point. But I think he’s better than anyone else I could have kept.
  9. Thanks. I have him as my 9th or 10th best keeper in a 10 keeper league and seeing how this market values him is pretty disappointing tbh but I think he’s good here.
  10. Picked Gallo who is a huge injury risk, which isn't ideal in this format. But at pick 131 rolling the dice on him seems like good value.
  11. Round 11 1. Kaboom - KCP 2. Young_Styler - Kent Bazemore 3. RDNC - Avery Bradley 4. Trench Mob - Jeremy Lamb 5. Superjew - George Hill 6. TOAA - Kevin Knox 7. Tongs - DJ Augustine 8. Better Call Hinkie - Danny Green 9. x_Nemesis_x - Jabari Parker 10. Chaiway - Malcom Brogdon 11. Stifle : Danillo Gallinari 12. CoH: Team Stifle: PG: Damian Lillard 1.11 SG: Eric Bledsoe 4.38 G: Chris Paul 2.14 SF: Gordon Hayward 6.62 PF: Dario Saric 7.83 F: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 9.107 C: Clint Capela 3.35 C: Jarret Allen 8.86 UT: Lou Williams 5.59 UT: Taj Gibson 10.110 Bench: Danillo Gallinari 11.131 Bench: Bench: @Code of Hammurabi
  12. Ilias wanted Jabari so it’s onto @chaiway
  13. X_Nemesis_X PG: Russell Westbrook (1.9) SG: Gary Harris (4.40) G: Kyle Lowry (3.33) SF: Paul George(2.18) PF: Paul Millsap (6.64) F: Serge Ibaka (7.81) C: DeAndre Ayton (5.57) C: Willie Culley Stein (9.105) UT: Thaddeus Young (8.88) UT: Mario Hezonja (10.112) Bench: Jabari Parker 11.129 Bench: Bench: @chaiway
  14. Andre Drummond 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    The cheapest (and I think the best) way to stabilize FT% is LouWill. A lot of those other guys it depends on your seating in snake as to whether you get them. But you can pretty much guarantee to get LouWill in the 5th round as I haven’t seen him get selected in the 4th round in any mocks. Not to mention Drummond is overkill in rebounds and very solid in stocks. LouWill is strong in the opposing stats of Points, threes, and assists. So if I picked Drummond in the second and didn’t want to punt FT (bc it was roto or whatever other reason) I would look to pick LouWill in the 5th. If I missed on him I would then move into punt FT%. That way I either get a FT anchor for cheap or punt. If you draft Drummond then overdraft DeRozan types then that completely defeats the purpose. In drafting a punt FT big your hope is that you’re getting a discount of several rounds of what his adp would be if FT weren’t a stat. If you overdraft DeRozan or whomever to make up for his FT, then you’re giving up that advantage voluntarily.