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  1. Yeah he’s tiny for a center, around 6’9”/225. There are other bigs his height but they are bulkier. He projected to be a four in the pros but asthma and lack of conditioning led him to be a five so he wouldn’t have to guard stretch fours. To his credit, he maximizes his talent, proved skeptics wrong...sort of. He’s capped at around 25 mpg. Can be a decent last pick but I thought I’d pump the brakes before it gets out of hand and people start calling him a top 75 prospect. He was 139th on totals but has basically been around 200 in per game his entire career. With an increased role I think 9/9/1/1 with 60/60 splits and one TO would be a real accomplishment. He has an outside shot at top 100 but that’s about it.
  2. Will only take a slight hit in rebounds, but will continue to improve in FT and blocks. He’s improved in FT every year, last year he was basically around 2/3 which is palatable considering how many littles can shoot 6/7 (or similarly). Meaning it only takes one good Ft shooter to bring the pair up to 80%. His positive FG impact was first last year and is way more helpful than his negative Ft is harmful. It might decline below Stifle’s or Giannis’s but will remain elite. Eg Harden plus Capela is over 50/80. Aside from his regression when he returned from injury last year he was on pace for nearly a two blocks year. I would predict 17/11/1.5 with 1.7 blocks/.8 steals. 7/11 shooting (63ish), super elite FG on high volume. *Fingers crossed* but he might near 3/4 from the line, 1.5 TO. Probably won’t quite hit those FT numbers but he was 2.5 for 3.9 last year and he has improved every year. His volume isn’t high enough to be a punt guy as he only missed 1.4 FT. Compare that to someone like Gobert who was 4.1 of 6.4 and missed 2.3 or Drummond’s 3.1 of 5.2. Not to mention Adams or Whiteside. There are several players with a lower FT percentage on higher volume. Any small regression in rebounds will be negated by improvement in blocks and FT. Top 25 finish. He’s going to blast off like a ROCKET...burning through the sky...200 degrees...that’s why they call him Mr. Farenheight.
  3. Me too. I think people abused it or there were reports of abuse but idk.
  4. I would say IT2 because he was born under six feet tall and through sheer iron will forced himself into stardom only to get ****** by fate. DMC is a talented big guy who was already struggling to live up to his potential. The injuries merely slammed the door on an already disappointing career, at least from a winning standpoint.
  5. I’m not targeting him personally. I try to only play auction and I would get him for the right price in roto but in H2H meh. But if you have a metaphorical gun pointed to your head, as is the case in snake, I would pick him top 10.
  6. Maybe. But to play devil’s advocate, if everyone starts doing it then won’t it place Kawhi on even footing?
  7. That’s better than what I’ve seen but still not reflective of the value of a stock in 9 cat. In 9 cat the median is 15 points, 1.1 steals, and .6 blocks. So a block is worth like 25ish points and a steal is worth around 14. A points league will never reflect the worth of stocks in 9 cat because it would look absurd...which highlights how valuable stocks are in 9 cat.
  8. I’ve also found that in nearly every points league that rebounds are overvalued and stocks undervalued. So the few times I draft points leagues I just turn off the stocks filter in BBM and focus on bigs that rebound. Eg I joined a 20 team auction dynasty points league this year just bc it was drafting over the summer and my core is: Westbrook, DeRozan, Pascal, Vuc, Drummond. I think that’s really good, trying to max rebounds at every position. Also, obv most points leagues efficiency is either undervalued or not counted at all. So you can sometimes turn those filters off as well. Basically go into BBM and only count points, rebounds, and assists...then based on your settings add the other cats your league is tracking.
  9. I liked most of those so I’ll give you a thumbs up but I won’t respond to all thirty 😂
  10. I agree in general. I’d add that Zeller is worth far more than a flyer. He finished the year top 90 and he has uncapped upside on a s--- team this year. If his health serves him he could finish ahead of hyped players such as Bam, Bryant, etc. If he gets injured per usual, it’s an easy drop. I agree about Gallinari. I think this is the year he gets over 20 ppg/3 threes per game. Plus his typical 6+ boards, top 5 FT anchor, low TO. No stocks, poor FG. I think per game he will finish ahead of guys like Tobias Harris. I picked him 73rd recently which is absurd. If it’s roto 65 games of top 30 value is great at 73rd. If it’s H2H there’s more risk but potentially even more reward. If he misses 20 games during the season but plays during the fantasy playoffs at top 30 value then you got a top 30 guy. Games missed outside the playoffs don’t matter if you made the playoffs anyway.
  11. If this is true and he misses most B2B, but few other games, he will come out around 65 games played, which isn’t egregious considering that many other stars will only play 5 or so more. Considering he finished 6th in per game I’d seriously consider putting him in the Jokic/Lillard tier for roto, and head of the junk at the turn of the first. In H2H it still depends. LA has a decent playoff schedule and he might not miss many games for rest during the fantasy playoffs. If so it doesn’t matter much that he missed 15 games throughout the season.
  12. If it’s roto I’d rank them Kyrie, Jrue, Kemba. If it’s H2H I like to look at percentage of total games played and multiply that by games during fantasy playoffs because you care about games during fantasy playoffs. Kemba is durable but has a s--- playoff schedule so I’d give him 8 games during fantasy playoffs. Brooklyn has the better schedule of the three so despite being less durable I’d still rank Kyrie first bc he could easily play 9 games. Jrue would be in the middle 8-9. So in this particular case my roto ranks and H2H ranks would be the same.
  13. I also think he will cost $25ish and at that price it’s a steal in 9 cat roto. I don’t think he will be top 25, but will be around 30th. I don’t like his H2H schedule so it’s hard to pick him there but in 9 cat roto I would happily pay up to $30.
  14. Aside from half a season of being dicked around by Washington he’s been 27,22,20 the last three years. He’s being unleashed by Chicago so he’s no longer a low usage guy: 17/6/3 with 2.5 threes, 1.5 steals, .5 blocks. One of the top 5 most efficient players if you count all three efficiency cats. Imo the biggest problem isn’t getting shut down, low usage young guys typically don’t get shut down, but it’s his 3/3/3 schedule in many leagues. In H2H his maximum games played during the fantasy playoffs is 9, but if he’s hurt at all, even in a minor way, you’re looking at 7-8. Ofc in roto he’s an easy third round pick.
  15. Yes, that’s frustrating. But what’s worse is that when he returns he will be playing from behind. Ish could be entrenched as the starter.