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  1. Just dropped him. ROS not looking good. Will use spot as streaming
  2. Same here. Though, i might do u better. Covington still iffy.
  3. I can do u better. Giannis out, jimmy and otto done. Covington iffy. What a way to start the week
  4. standard set up is still fine for me. but, basically you can just push the start of playoffs a week or 2 early so to avoid the dreaded rest and tanking rest.
  5. on second thoughts, dont delete the league GILE. would try to set up the league next week. unless all you guys are ok with the current league. then well just go with it.
  6. i would do it over. if its possible, send me your emails, or GILE forward me their emails with the corresponding name of managers. please, USE the name of your username here so no more confusions. tnx
  7. you didnt include the 13th round picks. only 12 players.
  8. it depends on your need by that time. but both are good last picks. obviously, if u still need a PG, augustin is a solid last pick. in the last couple months, augustin averaged 13pts 3reb 5ast with 2 3s and great percentages in 28 min. good enough for top 150. drawback is he doesnt stl (0.6) or even blk (0.0). those stats seems repeatable with the magics depth chart at PG. at least for the first several months. if u need a BIG, then grant is a solid pick as well.
  9. as usual, yahoo ranks sucks. would wait till they at least update it the first time before doing mocks.