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  1. 13 Targets is a nice sign but it'd be nice to see some actual production going forward
  2. He's a player that you're definitely happy you drafted as he's clearly outperforming his ADP, but at the same time you're still left a bit dissapointed because of his usage.
  3. The #4 WR in terms of points per game so far who you probably got in the 5th round is a "Fantasy cancer"?
  4. Off to a very nice start through 4 games! 7+ targets each game, 3/4 games with 11+ points in half PPR, and Flacco actually looks decent so far.
  5. Pretty encouraging game today. It's crazy how much better the offense is when they get him out into space and don't just run him up the middle every play. Could've easily had 2 TDs.
  6. It's crazy that through 3 games he's on pace for roughly 75 reception and 500 receiving yards this year.
  7. I DESPISE Kevin Byard for hustling 60 yards down the field to make that TD saving ankle tackle despite the game clearly being over.
  8. Yeah I think people are being way too negative with Fournette. He's put up roughly 10 points in half PPR 2 games in a row without TDs and gets bellcow snaps/touches. The jags offense is very bad but the TDs will come eventually and him getting consistent work in the pass game is also encouraging.
  9. Started CMC in my point per pass block league, currently has 73 points, let's go baby!
  10. Assuming it's a 1 QB league definitely do that.
  11. That's really tough. I'm kinda low on Collins so I'd probably pull the trigger. But, I'm sure a lot of people will side with Collins and JuJu
  12. Wait, you were gonna drop Burkhead...... He’s like a top 70 pick in most leagues lmao