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  1. Is money collected through leaguesafe?
  2. I'll take the packers team if it still available, email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com
  3. I'll take the team email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com. is money collected on leaguesafe? What pick in rookie draft does this team have? Thanks
  4. You collecting money on leaguesafe? If yes I'll take team 1 my email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. If its Yahoo or ESPN I'll take it my email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com
  6. I would like to see the roster if you could send to me at danandcarissa@yahoo.com
  7. My email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com hopefully it works league sounds fun. What are the payouts?
  8. interesested in fresh coffee just wondering about how many round draft is it? Do you keep roster or drop as many players as draft is? My email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com thanks
  9. I would like to join if any spots left, email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com. thanks
  10. I'm in if you still need players, email is danandcarissa@yahoo.com