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  1. I need a replacement owner in a Goonies Themed Dynasty League. It is 12 teams, full IDP (start 11 on offense, 11 on defense, and 1 Head Coach for a fun wrinkle). We had the startup this year and just completed our rookie draft. We had an owner decide to leave so we are looking for somebody who will be active year-round. The buy-in is: $35.83 and we do the league communication on GroupMe. Here is a link to the team: And a link to the rules and bylaws: If you are interested please email me at:
  2. Hello, I need a last minute replacement owner needed in a league. To cut to the chase- the owner was removed for causing some drama in another league that I commish that made the other owners uncomfortable so he left this league. It is going into year 2 of the league and has some really good assets including 3 1st round picks. The league has some interesting rules and includes devy as well as full IDP. Start 11 on offense, 11 of defense with a 2 round devy draft every year along with a 4 round rookie draft. The rookie draft is scheduled for Friday, but will wait to find a good owner. Here is a link to the team: And rules and bylaws: The yearly buy-in is $30.83 through LeagueSafe. If you are interested and/or have any questions please email me at: Thanks
  3. If anybody is interested in picking up a startup this year, I have created a Goonies-Themed Dynasty League. ... 48551&O=26 $42 buy-in through LeagueSafe (includes MFL and custom graphics.) 12 Team, full IDP (start 11 on offense, 11 on defense), Tiered PPR with TE Premium and Superflex. IDP matters so balanced scoring between Offense and IDP. Custom graphics are currently being created and will be available in the next week. GroupMe is the chat app. I currently have 3 openings. Characters available: Ma Fratelli, Andy, and Stef60 Round Startup will start when full. 6 round rookie draft in May (all pick place holders are in the draft)Got a solid group of owners already, but would love to fill this within a week. Email me if interested:
  4. I am interested in team 1. Very active dynasty player.
  5. I have started a Reality Sports Online salary cap/contracts dynasty league. Details: 12 team in two divisions. 28-man rosters. Superflex, tiered PPR.There will be a four round rookie draft after the NFL draft followed later in the summer by a Free Agent Auction.$30 buy in + RSO site fee. This league won't get started for awhile, RSO has a promo right now to get the site fee for $9.99. $30 through LeagueSafe won't be due for a couple of months. Should be a fun and challenging league. Looking for serious in it for the long-haul type of players.For more info email: I am happy to email you the scoring settings as well as the bylaws. More RSO general info: ... w-it-works
  6. Hi everyone, I have created a 20 team PPR superflex league and Im now taking applications ! Highlights of the league:-20 teams (2x player copy) essentially (2) 10 team leagues combined!! -Start: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 3Flex 1Superflex-PPR w/ TEs getting 1.5PPR-Blind bidding waivers-MFL + LeagueSafe-Custom Graphics for a unique feel !-$35 buy in I am only looking for the most active and committed Owners If interested please email at bensonianinst@yahoo.comPlease read the bylaws before messaging me
  7. I am starting a 12-team 2QB league on yahoo. Instead of PPR there will be a point for 1st downs by RB/WR/TE. No kickers. I set the draft date tentatively for 9/3. I was thinking $25 buy in. Email me if you are interested in playing in a competitive league: