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  1. You keep saying the Broncos’ line was ranked third last year and unlikely to improve, but when you mention they also have an oft-injured guard and a bust of a tackle... doesn’t that make it seem like there’s a pretty obvious route to improve?
  2. Don’t forget nine months before Conner tested at the combine he was laid up in a bed getting surgery and chemo. That poison takes a long time to get fully out of your system, and when I watch Conner I don’t see a guy who tested like that. Also, he lost weight and got in better shape prior to his second (breakout) season, so like we did with Bell, we might be watching an improved athlete ( ). But in the end we’re just seeing different things when we watch him. I think he’s an elite talent, you don’t. Fair enough. I think you’re probably in the majority on this one lol.
  3. I like the look of Rudolph quite a bit. It was smart of them to try and draft a replacement early, since as you say it’s so important to their scheme. I wouldn’t go predicting he’ll be the next Ben, but I like what I’ve seen this offseason. Liked him in college too.
  4. It’s hard to know who’s gonna get the targets in this offense. The Tech offense ran so many plays it almost didn’t matter who got the most target share - there was enough to go around for all of them. While I expect the Cardinals to run more plays than any other team except maybe Baltimore, it won’t be enough to support nearly as many viable receivers. That’s why I’d been staying away from Johnson. After Fitz, Kirk and DJ, it didn’t feel like there was enough to go around between Johnson, Isabella and Butler. Butler’s injury helps, but I still think it’s going to be difficult to find consistent targets. I think I’ll stick to taking him in best ball as I suspect he’ll have a few huge weeks.
  5. To me the problem in Tampa is their line. It’s one of the worst run-blocking lines in history and the Bucs did exactly f--- all to fix it. They’re a surprisingly decent pass-blocking line, so I expect the numbers to be Packers-esque in their skew towards the pass. I think I’ll avoid the TB backfield at all costs.
  6. You’re certainly not alone in thinking this but I disagree with it vehemently. I think he looked like a ******** stud the first half of the season (RB3 overall!), then he got the concussion and the high ankle sprain and tried to play through them both but was a shell of himself, and that seems to be what everyone remembers. But he’s got surprisingly great hands, he’s tough as nails (he beat cancer ffs), he always gets extra yards. And he’s got that dogged, Peterson-style aggression when he runs, I love to watch it, and that’s been the chief trait of a lot of elite RBs (Peterson, Campbell, Payton, Eddie George, Curtis Martin, Lynch, etc...).
  7. Yeah personally I think jettisoning Bell and AB was the smartest thing they did. If they’d kept those guys then maybe you could say they were on a decline. Everyone saw how their drama affected the Steelers last year, no way should that team have missed the playoffs. Their WR corps has certainly lost some talent but if Washington comes good the way most Steeler receivers do they should be fine, and they’ve upgraded at TE, IMO, McDonald is the most gifted, from a sheer talent perspective, of any TE Ben’s ever played with. The line is the same and coached by a protege of Munchak, and I think they’ve got the best backup QB situation they’ve ever had too (I really like the look of Rudolph). I personally think Conner is at least 90% of Lev Bell though I know many will disagree, but everyone can admit he stepped in and plugged Pittsburgh’s RB1 hole quite capably. Even a slightly lesser Pittsburgh offense can support plenty of fantasy players, and I imagine their defense will be vastly improved too. In short, don’t write the Steeler obituary yet.
  8. Agree to disagree, I suppose. They seem most likely to me to ‘pull a Colts’ as far as the o-line goes (become elite). And don’t forget the two new major pieces to that line were both rookies, one an all-timer in Quenton Nelson, granted, but the other, Braden Smith, was considered a huge reach and expected by almost everyone to be shifted inside before make the RT spot his. McGlinchey, Ragnow, Hernandez and Orlando Brown all had excellent rookie seasons too. I think Risner will plug right in and be excellent.
  9. The idea was they could support two highly successful fantasy RBs. It wasn’t an apples-to-apples comp of styles as you seem to want to do with Alstott and Dunn, who were not highly successful fantasy RBs but instead backs you owned when you missed out on the bell cow studs of the era, same as Stewart and DeAngelo, or Bradshaw and Jacobs, or Barry Foster and Bam Morris. I think Lindsay and Freeman can be more than that, a la Kamara and Ingram, especially in an era with fewer bell cows and considering Munchak, the draft picks, the new coaches, etc... I expect them to far surpass their 2018 numbers.
  10. Something I think both Lindsay and Freeman have going for them is I expect the Denver OL to be vastly improved this year. They could become one of the best in the league like the Colts did last year (and to a lesser degree Rams two years ago), that’s in their range of outcomes. They brought in one of the league’s best offensive line coaches (Munchak), they drafted my favorite interior lineman (Risner), and Jawuan James was one of the best tackles on the market. Bringing in Scangarello from San Fran to run the Shanahan offense is never a bad thing for RBs, and their defense should be greatly improved under Fangio as well, keeping the running scripts viable. I think both Freeman and Lindsay could have big value a la Kamara and Ingram, and if one of them goes down the other could be a league winner.
  11. But my point had very little to do with the Zeke vs. Bell situations and everything to do with the fact that Pollard is not a replacement threat for Zeke (and IMO not a viable every down back in the least). The same was clearly not true for Conner.
  12. I think this Pollard nonsense is the fluff story of the offseason. We’re going to hit next offseason and remember the Tony Pollard hype the same way we remember the Albert Morris hype, or the Alex Collins hype, or Zac Stacy, Christine Michael, Fresh Legs McFadden, Toby Gerhart, Shonn Greene, Ameer Abdullah, Dwayne Washington, Andre Ellington and on and on and on. He wasn’t even a real RB on his college team, he was a gimmick guy a la Theo Riddick or Tavon Austin. He only had 78 carries last year, third on the team behind Darrell Henderson (214 carries) and some guy named Patrick Taylor (208 carries). He’s bigger than your standard gimmick guy and sure, run him behind the great Dallas o-line against a defense that doesn’t respect him and he might have a few good runs. But the sample size is infinitesimal, there’s nothing we can glean from it. This is all Jerry and the Cowboys brass trying like hell to create a bargaining position against Zeke. It’s just smart business, but we all should have known ahead of time it’s exactly what he would do. If Pollard’s going to contribute anything, it’ll be as a gimmick guy with a hopeful ceiling of someone like Tarik Cohen. He won’t be taking over the backfield from Zeke.
  13. What makes the chances ‘very high’ that we see Thompson? There is a chance, I’ll give you that, but very high? Is the Thompson hype train gonna run off the tracks and crash into Williams’s knee? Fact is, Williams could ball out the first couple of games. In fact I’d say that’s probable, considering it’s exactly what he did last year. At which point it would likely require an injury for Thompson to take over, which makes him no different than all the other lotto tickets. I like Thompson too, but let’s not act like he’s completely free of downside and guaranteed to just walk into a starting spot. I would still take Williams over Montgomery, but I’d make sure I got Thompson as a handcuff.
  14. Oh I’m aware the word is Moncrief’s on top (and I already own plenty of shares of him), but I certainly don’t think it’s set in stone, if it’s true. You have to think they’d prefer their own 2nd rounder to win the job. Which is why I want to see for myself. I also think the fantasy community has gone overboard analyzing snap counts of preseason games. It’s another clue, that’s all, not a be-all-end-all prognosticator of the depth chart. And the fact that most coaches treat the preseason like either a burden or an opportunity to put their guys in stressful positions to see how they respond tells us exactly f--- all about their plans. For all we know Tomlin put Washington out there late to see how he’d respond to not getting the start after his successful first game. Not saying that’s the case, it’s just the sort of stuff coaches do. What I mostly want to see during the preseason is talent. Ability that stands out. That’s why despite any consideration for the circumstances surrounding them, guys like Washington and David Montgomery and Darwin Thompson and Preston Williams and Mecole Hardman and Justice Hill have piqued my interest. A lot of times they may be succeeding against second-and-third stringers, but they’re doing it with skills that translate. With Washington specifically, you also have to factor in that while it’s the news from the beat reporters and media praising Moncrief at the expense of Washington, the words out of the players mouths are different. Roethlisberger consistently praises Washington and Juju practically waxes poetic. Life on the line, I don’t know that I’d choose him over Moncrief - I can’t discount all the news we’ve heard to this point, and as you say, the snap count is part of the equation as well - but Washington looks to have the talent, at least, to be a major success in this offense.