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  1. Big trade

    It's close but I would agree that you would be giving up to much.
  2. Dynasty - Royce Lewis or Alex Kiriloff

    Not sure how your keepers work but if I could I would keep Lewis and Kiriloff over Rodgers. But assuming that's not an option keep Lewis for reasons listed in the post above.

    Go 1st overall. Mike Trout plus another high end power bat and a top end SP somewhere in the mid 20s is pretty ideal for me.
  4. Dynasty DEAL (Hader & Sixto Sanchez) WHIR

    Would need to know more especially if you think your team is competing this year or not.
  5. To me its between Conforto and Hader but I would lean slightly to Conforto. He started last year off slow but I would chalk it up to still recovering from shoulder surgery. I love Hader but I feel holds can be found on the wire.
  6. Points league keeper? Snell or Soto

    Soto hasn't even reached his peak yet. Soto should be a keeper on your team for a LONG time.
  7. Pick 3 of 4 remaining keepers

    Ohtani for sure. Kikuchi because you could use another SP and I believe his stuff will work over here. As for the 3rd keep I like Kepler a lot this year(30 HR?, improving lineup) but your OF looks crowded right now. So I guess Iglesias. He should have the closer spot locked down.
  8. Dynasty deal

    I agree Kirilloff could be the real star out of this group, but I would still lean towards team A. Luzardo is a personal favorite prospect of mine.
  9. Kyle Freeland Stud or Not

    I personally am not a believer in Freeland. His ERA will only go up. He doesn't get enough K's. He had an 80% strand rate last year that will only go the other way.
  10. 2B trade

    Yea I like option 1 also. Except I would try my hardest not to include Whitley. Maybe swap out Whitley for Hiura?
  11. Take the deal. Albies might end up on your bench anyways. You could try for more but you might scare the other guy away.
  12. Trade Sevy ?

    I would keep Sevy and go for the gold this year. The Profar deal wouldn't be an option for me personally.
  13. 16 Team Roto 6x6 Dynasty // Fantrax - $55

    This was the exact league I was looking for before you decided on H2H. If you ever decide to switch back to roto I would love to be considered. Bbrowder18@yahoo.com
  14. 14 Team 6x6 Fantrax Dynasty ROTO - $100

    What type of draft? Bbrowder18@yahoo.com
  15. Any teams left commish? Looks interesting. bbrowder18@yahoo.com