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  1. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    You can buy low on players who aren't injured. Also just look into Freemans knee issues dating back to last year, skipping surgery and what PFT doc has to say. I personally think there are much smarter gambles out there. But to each their own.
  2. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    I wouldn't. He has chronic knee problems and skipped on surgery he should have had in the offseason. His knee is acting up after 1 half of football (he sat all preseason). This issue isn't going away this season. I'd try to sell if anything.
  3. Hue wanted to trade a 2nd and 3rd for McCarron. 2nd of Foles. Ends up trading a 3rd for Tyrod. Ridiculous.
  4. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    This is assuming Garcon is still the #1 which he isn't. All throughout preseason to week 1 Goodwin was labeled as the #1. If anything it's Goodwin who makes a good buy low.
  5. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    Jordan Howard. He's dominating backfield touches. Hands look great and Nagy is getting him involved in the passing game. That defense should keep games close for positive gameflow. Down game yesterday might have an owner willing to sell.
  6. Trubisky is so bad. Can't believe this is only a one score game.
  7. Chris Hogan 2018 Outlook

    Hogan was WR8 last season until his shoulder injury. He's not going to be a high target guy but he's an amazing redzone player in this offense. With Gronk being the #1 focus down there Hogan should continue to eat. Solid WR2.
  8. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Im talking just straight up talent. I agree with most of your post however. Callaway is like 4th on the pecking order for targets. Nice stash if you have the room.
  9. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Callaway is the most talented WR on that team but rookie WRs almost never make a significant year 1 impact. The Browns also seem to have Higgins pegged ahead of him on the depth chart. He's a nice speculative add if you have room but nothing more imo.
  10. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    He pulled his hammy. I doubt the team would give him opiods for that. Especially with his history.
  11. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    @dashoe in shambles.
  12. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Owning him in 2013 might have been the worst thing to ever happen to me fantasy wise. Been chasing that season like some drug. Nothing but a constant headache ever since.
  13. Mixon vs Ingram

    His touches inside the 10 declined. Busting long TDs is something that isnt THAT bankable. But I agree with you and Mixons usuage going foward. I lean to Ingram myself.
  14. Simple Start or Sit WHIR

    I'd go Barber.