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  1. Alright bro i pay when league is full I've gotten scammed b4
  2. I emailed u try to reply no clue what's wrong
  3. Bro can u pm me the link I didn't get the email thx
  4. If it's Snake can I have the invite sent to evanc03c@gmail.com
  5. If anyone backs out evanc03c@gmail.com
  6. Can u invite me evanc03c@gmail.com
  7. 2 Openings in ESPN Dynasty

    Are U forgetting the c
  8. 2 Openings in ESPN Dynasty

    Bro didn't get it
  9. 2 Openings in ESPN Dynasty

    Probably Aussie but send invite plz
  10. 2 Openings in ESPN Dynasty

    Wait I can't choose different players out of them?
  11. Well I'm out thanks bro
  12. But I don't understand the keeper thing could I choose Johnson Evans Julio and gronk?