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  1. THe invite says the draft is the 30th? That won't work for me
  2. Looking for a keeper league 200-500 Dynasty with established rule book and prefer league safe. jimcorri@live.com
  3. Looking for a serious High stakes league (250-500). Established rule book and active owners. Message me. Jim
  4. Experienced competitive Owner looking for a well run Fantasy Hockey league with secure funds and a rule book. Prefer Dynasty. Looking for $250-$500. Please contact me with any leads! Thanks, jimcorri AT live.com
  5. Long time owner in numerous leagues. Looking for something High stakes with set rule book and secure pay out system. Not interested in drama or games. Feel free to contact me at jimcorri@live.com Jim
  6. Two experienced owners looking for a $500 plus Keeper pool. Prefer ESPN but open. Email me at jimcorri@live.com
  7. Myself and a fellow poolie are interested. Please email details ASAP. jimcorri@live.com
  8. Also looking for something high stakes. Prefer over $200. If anyone has anything please let me know. jimcorri@live.com. Thanks!