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  1. need one! hoping to draft at 9! LeagueSafe link and league invite will be sent upon request/confirmation for the last available spot!
  2. I have a 10 team, $250 league on ESPN that drafts tonight at 8 PM (might push it back until 8:30, so that we can fill the league). Collecting $200 through LeagueSafe and $50 through PayPal or Venmo. This allows us to do our weekly payouts every Tuesday and end of regular season payouts, while also keeping the Championship money safe. Feel free to PM me or ask any questions through my e-mail
  3. Slight changes. 1) Will collect $200 through LeagueSafe and will collect the other $50 through PayPal or Venmo. This way we can still payout our weekly payouts and end of season payouts, while also keeping the $200 safe. I'm happy with that compromise reached with others. 2) We're drafting via ESPN, as only three people are joining the cookout. The rest of our members are scattered across the east coast.
  4. Hey, I understand. We changed it to submitting $200 through LeagueSafe and then submitting $50 through PayPal or Venmo. This way, we can do our weekly payouts and end of season payouts, while also keeping our Championship payment safe. Figured compromising could work for everyone.
  5. 9 PM would work for us, but I need to ask the other members about 12 teams. I'm pretty sure everyone who joined wanted only 10. I'll comment back in this post in about 15 minutes or so.
  6. @nbarlotta we might've spoke before, but if you're interested in merging leagues, I still have spots available in my 10 team, $250 ESPN snake draft. We draft tonight at 8 PM and may move it to tomorrow, if we don't get the 3 teams that we need.
  7. spot has been filled. Thanks for the messages and emails.
  8. I need a replacement owner for a 10 team ESPN league that drafts tonight at 8 PM. A friend won't be able to draft, as he'll be stuck flying tonight. Stanfard scoring and rosters. 6 teams make the playoffs, top 2 teams get a playoff bye. Champion gets $700, 2nd place gets $200 and 3rd gets $100. Feel free to ask ask any questions on here or contact me through email
  9. I have a 10 team, $250 buy-in ESPN league that drafts next Tuesday (the 5th) at 8 PM, if that interests you. Only two spots left